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Today, the battery cables on my car came loose, thus resetting my car's electronics to factory settings. The anti-theft system is now turned on, and I can't start my car with it on. Luckily, it turns off with a remote. The remote broke about six months ago. FML
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pdin222 tells us more.

Well, where to start. First, the car is a 1995 Geo Prizm. For all of you saying, "Hey bro, should of called the dealer.", that's not possible, seeing as how they went out of business around a decade ago. It was after market junk a previous owner installed, ‘cause lord knows every kid on the block wanted a Geo Prizm, and it would have been stolen in a matter of seconds. The remote was pretty well destroyed when I go the car, and finally just fell apart on my key chain about six months ago. So no, I wasn't going to buy a new remote for my bups of a car. I finally found the theft system and just pulled it out. I now have it pierced on a stick in my front yard, to warn the other anti theft systems. Also, for those saying, "Your an idiot", it is you're, not your.

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Well, you have had six months to get that remote fixed.... Often it's just that the batteries in these things become exhausted. Have you tried a new battery in the remote?

Did you pay the little extra for Roadside assistance?


Did you pay the little extra for Roadside assistance?

Schizomaniac 24

Going to have to go with "no".

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Ydi you should have known at some point you'd need to change your car battery and this would be a problem. You should have replaced your cars remote ASAP and took responsibility.

YDI for not maintaining your remote.

he probably drives a Mitsubishi. I have one and the security system is wack on it. I haven't had a stereo in it for 3 months because it's locked.

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I agree with 15. You shouldn't go 6 months without having your car's security system activated. OP is just lucky his car hasn't been stolen.

You know, sometimes people don't have the money to get everything fixed like most of you "perfect" assholes. Shit happens and sometimes shit falls at the wrong time and you can't recover overnight.

nnnope 26

63: woah there. Wasn't trying to insult anyone. If you can't afford a replacement remote lock for your car in SIX MONTHS, something isn't right.

You know, they might be paying off a funeral, along with insurance, bills, and everything else, you don't know. I think its hilarious I get on here and happen to find all the Stepford Wives. Everyone "perfect" and giving the "perfect I do this" advice when most of the people on here are hypocrites. "YDI for not fixing the remote." I guarandamntee you have something in/around your house you have "forgotten" or didn't have the money to repair it. EVERYONE does, period. And I know you didn't mean to offend me and its not personal but damn..

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I never said OP deserved it, and I never declared that I am perfect.

74 - when agreeing with 15's comment, we're gonna assume your agreeing with his ydi too. On top of that, the wording of your comment appears like you believe OP does deserve it. When 73 say's perfect, she doesnt mean it literally. Shes just saying that while some people may have the money and time to fix things immediately, not everyone is given that choice because of other financial problems. TL;DR? Not everyone ***** money out their ass.

nnnope 26

84: if you can't afford a remote lock for six months, you probably shouldn't own a car, because the chances you can afford to even maintain it properly are slim. And yeah, my wording was kinda poor, my bad. inb4 "how should OP get around then," because, public transportation.

Thank you sonuskos (84). Exactly. I just don't like how people act like they do everything correctly and are assholes on here being "perfect". And nnnope (90) How old are you because I'm questioning how many responsibilities you actually have. Its kind of like saying that just because you can't buy your child a new pair of shoes you don't deserve to have that child or just because you can't fix the window on your car that broke because it'll cost 1000$ you dont deserve it. That's just plain retarded. I still can't afford to get my truck painted and primed (a job I'm doing myself and I've had my truck for a year) because I have shit called: electric, gas, water, and sewer bills, insurance, food, and shit my father and I need payments.

nnnope 26

91: I also never said what anyone does or doesn't deserve. I'm 21 and I own (and am able to maintain) my own car. I don't know why you interpreted "why let 6 months to by?" as "I'm better than everyone else because this hasn't happened to me." I'm in no way trying to demean or offend anybody, and I'm not trying to assume that the OP's situation is fortunate or unfortunate. My agreement with 15 was based on a neutral standpoint, though I still do not feel OP deserved what happened. Like you said, shit happens.

nnnope 26

*why let 6 months GO by. Ugh.

nnnope 26

I love when my comments get thumbed down just because they're in the same thread as other thumbed-down comments. Sigh.

Comments that people actually agree with are getting thumbed up -__-

That shit ain't cheap. My dad had to fix the security system on his car, ran him almost 800 dollars.

It isn't the system that needs replacing. It's the remote for it

@116 you get thumbed down cause you're an idiot

people get thumbed down because when you reply to a comment, you should reply to the poster, not ******* thread jack.

Seeing as how it was after market, and on a car that is seventeen years old, I don't think that not being able to afford to fix a jank anti-theft system should put me in the category of "probably shouldn't own a car. I keep up with the maintenance and mechanical needs of my car just fine, thank you.

Let's see you throw out the money for that on an old car. Remotes aren't cheap, especially for systems that are no longer produced, and haven't been for quite some time now.

nothing helps the idiots shut up better than the original poster clearing up the things they based their entire opinion on as completely false! :D

Just about all alarms have a manual override for exactly this reason

mduffy08 8

How much does a remote even cost? Because i'm looking at a site that says 20$...

Well in that case, you should've expected bad shit to happen with a 17 year old car. You should be glad that thing hasn't gave out on you while driving (unless you overhauled it or something).

just for the record, I know this. I work all the time, mostly during Mitsubishi office hours. Some people do have common sense. shocking,I know.

Time to call a tow truck. But hey, maybe your insurance will cover it so it will only cost you an afternoon of sanity!

You didn't read the FML did you..

rush to get first comment gets a lot of people. this is definitely not the worst mess up I have seen though.

Try calling the dealership? Or the maker of the anti-theft system? That's horrible, OP! Hopefully you can get it fixed!

I wonder why he doesn't go to the dealer for a new remote. That's what I did. It's a simple task. Go in. Just gave them insurance and license to prove its my car. Boom. Done. New remote.

Redoxx_fml 22

Not if it's a Ford dealership

Well I've never owned a ford. I'm going by how it works at MB. I would assume if you break or lose a remote all dealers would be helpful to replace it though.

cajekraze 7

There should be a bypass button, usually under the dash. you press it, while you put your key in the ignition and turn. Alarm is bypassed

I loathe car alarms. They always go off when you don't want them to and never when you want them to.

it seems that whenever a car alarm goes off, nobody thinks, oh dome is trying to break into a car, its always more along the lines of SOMEBODY TURN THAT SHIT OFF NOW!!!!

Yeah, and they're a complete waste of money ever since those "human rights" commies made it illegal for car alarms to be equipped with flame throwers.

Then do why James Bond had on his car in tomorrow never dies. Door handles that electrocute you with 110V of electricity.

because hes ******* james bond. he doesn't even need a reason to **** a married women, just feels like it and boom! shes naked!

manlaw1 3

Quite the predicament you've got there.

thank you for stating the obvious

Redoxx_fml 22

You're welcome

Well, you have had six months to get that remote fixed.... Often it's just that the batteries in these things become exhausted. Have you tried a new battery in the remote?

On occasion they can simply lose their program as too. But you deserve it. Maintain your vehicle better.

I do maintain my vehicle, thank you.

Well OP time to order a new or walk your happy ass everywhere or pay for transportation. Either way you should order that shit.

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Should have got that fixed ASAP,ydi.

Did your girlfriend leave you a love letter inside to make you feel better at least?

If OP is as frustrated as he sounds, don't think it would help very much

Oh sorry, I should have thought of that! Shit, you're right. In that case she should have given him a fuel inspection, fiddled with his lug nuts, and then given him some rearview action.

sweetmama88 6

Little boy get a life ! The way you talk you must be a 12 year old boy that lives in dream land!

Damn #45 why so serious? Lets put a smile on that face. Na but really why are you being a grumpy gills?

What? Little? I'm 19. Kindly remove your head from your ass. You sound like a condescending asshole that lives in dream world. Do me a favour and please think before opening that mouth of yours that has obviously little to no connection to whatever is proclaiming itself as a brain in there.

Yeah #51 she acts like she is so old and mature. She is only 23 years old.

I'm sorry. It was entertaining at first but I can't let this go on any longer. People, pleonasm is referring to a recent FML in which someone's girlfriend left a love note in his car, but she left the lights on so that his battery died. Again I apologize, but I simply could not let the idiocy continue.

You ruined all my fun, gracehi! Anyway, yea, I'm at some of the people who realy didn't get this...

Lol I didn't mean to put the comment to bash you, just stating a possibility. But at the same time, a car inspection would help

Well a love letter would probably bring OPs morale up right about now.

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#81 - The joke still went way over your head... Read #53's comment.

perdix 29

At least you've got a nice, quiet place to sit and think. Just don't get so comfortable that you take a dump.

zingline89 18

Yeah thats why I never buy the most expensive comfy furniture for my living room. Cuz as soon as I get real comfortable I instantly lose control of my bowels.