By spiderbaby - 06/10/2015 19:43 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I opened a window that had been shut for a couple of months. As soon as I did, dozens of tiny baby spiders blew in with the breeze, and dispersed in my kitchen. FML
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SalsaVerdeDonut 22

I'll bring the gasoline. You just bring the matches.


hunterluv1 20

I would've left and never returned

To be honest, i feel like baby spiders are worse then just one adult one. I had a infestation a couple years back and it was horrible. Takes a while to get rid of all of them

There's no other way.... Burn it to the ground!

Well we all know who doesn't own a cat!

Hey, my cat ALWAYS eats spiders. I just have to kill them for him first whilst he hides under the table.

My cats play with spiders but never kill them. Putting them out of their misery would be to merciful...and take away their new entertainment.

Badkarma4u 17

Get a stray cat. That knows what hungry is.

SalsaVerdeDonut 22

I'll bring the gasoline. You just bring the matches.

I'll bring the fire-retardant suits. Y'know what they say? When committing arson because of spiders, safety first.

Yes they really are natures best trappers but you really don't need that many at once all competing in such a small environment for food.

I'm pretty sure that's how all the scary movies with spiders start.. FYL OP.

trellz17 19

So where are you going to move to now?

MonstreBelle 28

Well at least the kitchen is probably the easiest room to set on fire...