By Anonymous - 06/10/2015 19:58 - United States - Macomb

Today, I had to quickly back out of a Skype call between me and three coworkers because my fiancée came home from work in tears. When things had calmed down, I re-entered the call to find them unaware I had returned, saying how glad they were I had left because they all secretly despise me. FML
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Every anxiety sufferer's worst nightmare.

that's so shitty of them, hope your fiance is okay.


pleasedie 22


that's so shitty of them, hope your fiance is okay.

michaelaranda 28

At least now you know how they feel about you? That sucks though op. Hopefully you dont have to work with them a lot.

Every anxiety sufferer's worst nightmare.

Eyalsh 32

i would beg to differ. if you KNOW something, you won't be as anxious about it anymore. you'd deal with the situation as you know it to be true. still sucks knowing they dislike you though.

addisonrose12 16

I think what #4 is saying is that people suffering from anxiety think that just about everyone around them thinks things such as this about them and then when that fear is confirmed, it just makes it that much more painful because you're no longer being paranoid, you were correct about your unnerving assumption.

Ah, but they don't know that you know. You could totally use that knowledge for your evil purposes.

Your comment made me think of Friends when Phoebe. Rachel, and Joey knew about Monica and Chandler and were trying to get them to tell they were together..."but they don't know that we know they know we know." :p.

Wow sorry Op. That really sucks. I feel like this needs a follow up as I am wondering what you did after that?

CharlesEmersonW 31

They can kiss your ass :)

Then they're not worth your time. I hate people who will bitch behind people's back but act so friendly in person.

Something similar happened to me just before I transferred from team. One bitch did not realize that I joined the call a bit late and started to blame me for some failure she and her team were responsible of. So I waited for her to finish talking, while others from her team agreed with her. And then I interjected by saying very brightly "hi, this is [me], I joined the call a bit late, sorry. Just want to comment on what has just been said", and then I set the record straight. There was the loudest silence ever just after. Then I finished by saying my goodbyes and polite thanks for the great collaboration I experienced with them. *Giggles*

Forget about them; they're not as important as your fiancé anyway.