By kendrox - 02/05/2014 07:11 - United States - Auburn

Today, a drunken guest in the hotel I work at has barricaded himself in the employee restroom and refuses to come out, unless I "promise to love him forever." It's 4am and I'm the only one here. FML
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kendrox tells us more.

Oh wow I didn't think this would make it on there! Hello everyone, I am the original poster of this FML! No, I did not call the police. In other, more serious situations, I have. I did not say once that he was a danger to me, there was no need for him to get in trouble for this! It just made my night a lot harder! I left him be for a couple hours and when it came time for me to set up breakfast, I knocked on the bathroom door and gave him some coffee. He thanked me the next night. He seemed to be a very sweet man, just very very inebriated...


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Too bad it wasn't an hour earlier. Matchbox Twenty - 3am

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Or better yet, The Used - Taste of Ink.

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I really, really like you because of those comments. As soon as you said "The Tase of Ink," I started singing it, haha!

You could have just private messaged him that..

You didn't have to comment at all. #64

Yeah I don't have to comment either but it's just so exciting to be apart of it!

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Then make the promise and keep it

OP, I wouldn't say it. By the way he's behaving, it's good that he's confined himself in a room!

That's what any smart person would do.

i don't know why my comment got thumbs down, I was meaning that I agree to call the police.

Yea, not like there's another function that enables you to agree with a statement. Like thumbs up or something - hopefully they'll develop it soon

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@42, yea I totally agree. Nice comment!!

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I'm glad no one caught the joke

Or don't because then he'll run out of food and would have to come out.

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Go ahead and tell him that you'll love him forever. If he's that drunk, he won't remember it in the morning.

But what if he remembers right when he comes out of the restroom and expects the OP to prove her love? A drunk guy in need of "love" isn't what I'd want to deal with until he's sober. Especially if I'm the only one there. I'd feel saver with a door between us.

Unless it's trap and he records it as a verbal contract

Unless this person was barricaded in the bathroom with lots of extra booze, there's no reason why OP couldn't just wait it out until they got sober.

If he's that drunk he'll forget your promise anyway

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I agree with #3, it will end this sorry situation quickly and safely for everyone

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I think that was sarcasm...

Then why didn't you write this as a reply to #3?

Its like i just got owned. So i am gonna try owning someone else to make myself feel better.

Call your boss/ supervisor or someone who will take care of it. Even call 911 if you need too! Otherwise just leave him alone until someone else comes