By kendrox - United States - Auburn
Today, a drunken guest in the hotel I work at has barricaded himself in the employee restroom and refuses to come out, unless I "promise to love him forever." It's 4am and I'm the only one here. FML
kendrox tells us more :
Oh wow I didn't think this would make it on there! Hello everyone, I am the original poster of this FML! No, I did not call the police. In other, more serious situations, I have. I did not say once that he was a danger to me, there was no need for him to get in trouble for this! It just made my night a lot harder! I left him be for a couple hours and when it came time for me to set up breakfast, I knocked on the bathroom door and gave him some coffee. He thanked me the next night. He seemed to be a very sweet man, just very very inebriated...
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  \  |  28

Was he Bobby Vinton?

  Enslaved  |  36

But what if he remembers right when he comes out of the restroom and expects the OP to prove her love? A drunk guy in need of "love" isn't what I'd want to deal with until he's sober. Especially if I'm the only one there. I'd feel saver with a door between us.

  kaablam  |  17

Unless this person was barricaded in the bathroom with lots of extra booze, there's no reason why OP couldn't just wait it out until they got sober.