By Ugh - 14/06/2016 20:41 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I'm looking forward to my orthodontist's appointment more than I'm looking forward to my birthday. FML
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Are they that hot?

Reschedule your appointment for your birthday - win win situation!


Thanks for telling the tooth

June 15? Heyyyy its my birthday too :D:D:D:D

Are you getting your braces off or something? Because that's completely understandable!

Oral fixation perhaps

Everyone should look forward to getting drilled on the birthday

Geez, what do you have planned for your birthday...getting an ingrown toenail fixed? A tattoo removed? :)

lol I haven't been excited about my birthday since I was 13, in my mid 20s now slowly gettign better

sophie0908 16

I'm guessing you have braces and are close to getting them off?

If it's the appointment to get your braces off, it's totally better than birthdays. I got mine off in December and it was better than even Christmas.

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