By Clumsy - United States
Today, I was doing a fitness test. Though clumsy, I managed to spin around a bat then dash across a balance beam, run through some tires, and walk across a log floating in water. Pleased with my performance, I walked to the bathroom, tripped on my shoelace, and busted my head on the floor. FML
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By  jd254  |  2

this is a fml? no, seriously? u hit ur head, wow...

i wasted 30 seconds reading this. why didn't u just typed in "today, I fell"

  myalleyway  |  9

i know, right? it was like OP was just bragging about how well they did on their test.

don't get me wrong; tripping does hurt, and i feel your pain, but a lot of FMLs have too much story in it; it's like, 'stop beatig around the bush! get to the point!'

ydi and fyl.