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Today, I met a cute guy, and everything went great. After a while, he asked me for my number and I gave it to him. Now he won't stop texting me, asking for pictures of my toes. FML
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ewhy tells us more.

Hey guys ! OP here. To the people that say he might not be that bad: I'm sorry but I wouldn't be able to keep talking to a person that has a foot fettish, call me shallow but I'm not only about looks. He's cute and all but I wouldn't be able to get past it. I gave him my number exactly to get to know him, this was yesterday. This morning he started with the pictures of toes. The only reason he started with pictures of toes is because he saw my feet in a picture I had sent of the jeans I was wearing earlier. I just stopped texting him, wish me the best! Thanks for the feedback!!

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So he has foot fetish, you should probably tell him your not interested

It irks me so much that people STILL can't tell the difference between you're and your.


So he has foot fetish, you should probably tell him your not interested

It irks me so much that people STILL can't tell the difference between you're and your.

She doesn't have to tell him that she isn't interested just explain that she doesn't share the same sexual interests. Who knows they could actually have an amazing relationship if they look past something as small as a foot fetish.

@16 It's not a complicated thing to understand, I feel you're pain.

That's not as bad as people who insist on mixing up "defiantly" and "definitely."

@38 I haven't seen that kind yet. I shudder to the thought of meeting one who makes such errors.... Not to mention the 'should of' species is already very common...

At least now you know you have sexy toes

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#43, step 1) go to Facebook. Step 2) find the average, stereotypical white girl's page (you'll recognize her by her love of Starbucks and Leonardo DiCaprio, also by her constant misquoting of philosophical people and spurting of lyrics out of context). Step 3) scream and tear your hair out at the massacre of grammar and all other English laws. Or not.

It's a shame people can't remember when I guarantee people point it out to them all the time. I once saw someone spell definitely "defanetally." Like, why? Can you at least TRY to remember?

We never called him an idiot. I just pointed out the simple fact that it bugs me that people still make errors like that after being taught the difference for years. I'm no where near perfect, and I'm more than aware of that. I didn't bitch at him in any way. I said it irks me that PEOPLE.. people. not him in general.

You spelling "know" like "no" is the same they probably use the correct term/spelling on formal document and such, but this isn't it's just a web site to pass the time in life and sometimes it's just easy not to f**k around with grammar and spellings if other know what they mean! f**k balls.

the only reason i mix up the two is cause i cant spell very well and they look similar might be why you see it

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#69, the problem people have with "your" and "you're" being mixed up is a grammatical issue, not a spelling one. "Your" is possessive and would be used as, "it's your fault." "You're" is a compound word, combing "you" and "are," and would be used as "you're the reason it happened." Mixing them up is often seen as ridiculous because of the apostrophe and fact that they're so easy to differentiate if you just pay attention (unless you have dyslexia). Wow, I just gave a stranger on the internet a lesson on grammar. Again. What am I doing with my life?

I defiantly should of payed atenshin more in school

But knowledge is power and power corrupts that can only mean he/she is trying to corrupt us all

#106 I really hope you did that on purpose.

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#86, while I should be rehearsing with my best friend since I have the lead in the next musical (and yes, I seriously have to since I go to a performing arts school and love the arts). It's counterproductive for me to spread knowledge, sometimes. #112, damn! You caught on to my plan! Also, I was a he last I checked. Then again, biology has never been a forte of mine. I'm totally kidding, if anyone couldn't tell.

#78 said "combing" instead of "combining". The irony. XD

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#117 used improper grammar while pointing out a typo. Oh, the irony. I'm kidding, autocorrect's a bitch.

How did comments about toe fetish turn into the longest argument about grammar?

oh I'm not new. I'm just marvelling at the fact that so many people find grammar more interesting than toe fetish. it's rather amusing...

#146 - #165 - happens all the time. Pretty funny though.


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How do you know the people misspelling and making grammatical errors don't have dyslexia or other learning disabilities?

knowledge, knowledge everywhere (imagining the toy story meme)

you saying somethings wrong with foot fetish?

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Just let him know you're not into that kind of thing. If he's really interested, he should look past it.

Just show a little pinky-toe. Quit being a prude. No one will judge you for it. XD

Still people need to know how to keep their cool >.

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Or OP could show him a picture of her middle finger:)

That's one weird-ass foot fetish #107.

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Maybe he's got a serious foot fetish and needs some.. Let's just say "help finishing"?

What if she doesn't want to help him finish

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Why wouldn't she want to help him finish his research project on the difference between men and women's toes?

@3 there will be no applause today.. Simple as that.

First he wanted your digits. Now he wants your toes. What's next?

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Some people are just plain weird

A little bit of weird is a good thing! I don't want to live in a straight world - thank you very much.

It's a foot fetish. Just be polite and tell him you don't think it's appropriate.

Or better yet find a picture on the web of the most disgusting girl feet you can, send that he will hopefully stop texting you.

I like this response. should have done that with my ex.

Did your ex want to see your toes too, #70? I never knew that this problem was so common.

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Or better yet, #63, OP should send him a photo of her boobs. That'll really throw him off.

Send a picture of some gross, ugly feet to scare him off.

Frodo's hairy hobbit feet right after he finished climbing mount doom?

its not a good plan, better don't engage with the weirdo!

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You gotta put your foot down and tell him no if you feel uncomfortable