By finallyready - 08/01/2013 19:56 - United Kingdom - Birmingham

Today, I discovered after 11 months, my girlfriend is finally ready to have sex. I discovered this by walking in on her and one of my friends. FML
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I hope you mean ex-girlfriend.. And ex-friend. -_-

Saved you the trouble of having to discover who she really was before you did take that big step in your relationship. Send her ass a packin' and find someone worthy of a healthy relationship.


Happened to me before!

That is probably the cruelest thing somebody can do in a relationship... FYL OP... There's much better out there for you!

#12 you sexxyy

I say it's pretty close to asking "is it in yet?"

Not having sex for almost a year!! This seems like a strong relationship

Sounds like the movie My Bestfriends Girl to me

34- Just because a couple doesn't have sex, that doesn't mean they have a weak relationship.

50 Ironically some of the longest relationships I have seen.. They were abstinence...

Exactly. OP, you'll find someone who will remain faithful!

No one gives a fuck

Apparently the gf did.

Could be worse I found out my ex fiancé was ready to have kids when she got pregnant with another ... And yes we were still engaged.

OP doesn't have a profile, but they could be teenagers, and she decided she was ready--but not with her boyfriend. I'm sorry, OP, that really sucks. I hope she's your ex-girlfriend now.

125- I'm not sure being teenagers makes it any better...

Well, it explains why they hadn't had sex for a year.

:( sorry op :(

Idk why 2 got thumbed down I feel bad for op too! being cheated on is the worst!

how could you do that to op?:(

I'm curious as to what happened after that. I'm pretty sure I'd lose it and kick my friends ass and give my "girlfriend" 2 minutes to get the hell out. But hey, he might have more self control than me.

I hope you mean ex-girlfriend.. And ex-friend. -_-

Yeah screw them, they both suck. Put them out of mind and move on you don't need shitty people like that in your life.

I don't think they need anymore screwing.

I'm sure they will be doing a lot more screwing.

I believe they should screw, as number 31 said. Nothing brings friends together like threesomes! But what do I know, I'm 13.

87: If you're 13, get off the Internet and go outside.

Now you have an excuse tho so think of it like that

An excuse for what?

To have revenge sex with one of her friends. But how much revenge is that really? Sympathy sex???

It's obviously an excuse for chocolate. Everything should be an excuse for chocolate though...

Mmm. . . never would have thought about that. . .

Yeah I hope op ends up dumping her , I've known folk to put up with alot

Yeah I hope op ends up dumping her , I've known folk to put up with a lot

Yeah I hope op ends up dumping her , I've known folk to put up with a lot

The double post has been surpassed! Behold, the TRIPLE post!

On the bright side, at least he knows she is ready for sex! But on a more serious note, that really sucks OP, you deserve better. FYL

That's just awful! FYL. It's your choice to stay with her but after what she did...I doubt you will.

And *ex-friend


Saved you the trouble of having to discover who she really was before you did take that big step in your relationship. Send her ass a packin' and find someone worthy of a healthy relationship.

9 - Very well articulated and wise view you have. I only have one amendment; when you're done dumping the slut, kick that ass's ass straight up itself. After I made an example of the first friend to stab me in the back, my lady friends couldn't find any male friends willing to risk that kind of anger. Little known fact: Violence, properly applied, solves absolutely everything.

FYL OP, hopefully you find someone who deserves your time and affection. 11 months? I give you credit on the patience man, I know I couldn't wait that long.

9 is right. FYL OP, I'm sorry for you man. Find someone who really deserves your affection and time, I know that girl sure doesn't.

And worthy of your sex.

I was in a relationship for a year sexless. Thankfully it ended by mutual unhappiness with the relationship and not her cheating.

thats awful, but if your one of those swingers you could always make it a three way, hey i dont judge

Or OP can just dump the tramp and kick the shit out of his friend. Then go drink a beer afterwards.

You may not judge, but the rest of us do. Your idea is bad and you should feel bad.

Haha 21, my day is now complete. Thank you.

Mhmmm beer

21, people have threesomes all the time. They start in tons of situations. This one doesn't seem that far fetched. Also all because you do judge and she doesn't, in no way entitles her to feel bad!

39- You're right, people do have threesomes, but not a whole lot of them start with finding out that your partner betrayed your trust.

42 Well this one time at band camp... wait I never went to band camp! :O

44- I just realized you're a day older than me. Go to your band camp and leave me in my youngness.

Well the seal is broken. OP just give her a guilt trip say you'll take her back, get some loving and dump her ass. You invested way too much time not to reap any of the benefits. As for your friend, it's a toss up as to if he was teaching you a lesson that waiting 11 months for that girl was rediculous (case proven) or just some Eddie Haskell mofo in need of an ass kicking.

Well someone is a creepy asshole (49)

thats so stupid lol who would even want to do that with someone who stabbed u in the back and ur friend

49- This is why abstinent relationships aren't much heard of today in the Western world. Most people find sex as the final or highlight level of a relationship, something that needs to be there especially when the relationship is long spanned. I'm abstinent until I get married (which is never), but dating and relationships are a little dangerous. An example would be 49, who models the attitude of men who become frustrated with the lack of sex and look to rape as the answer.

10, you say you don't judge others, but your previous profile information as well as your new profile information both show you judging certain commenters and their "cheerleaders". A bit hypocritical, don't you think?