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Today, I learned that when the power goes out at my house, my family thinks you can no longer flush the toilet. FML
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depend if your using cuty or well water cause well water uses the electricity of your house for the water when my power goes out you get one flush gotta love well water

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Our generation has so much potential.


In some places, like some well-water communities, you can't.

Wait, are you saying you CAN flush toilets while the power is out? Ive been wrong all these years...

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your family needs to get their shit together, man.

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When I was in Iraq and there was a water shortage we had a saying, "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

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They are obviously right with all the gas leaks in the house we don't want any sparks or flames to cause an assplosion

^ ehhh, not so much this time enonymous.

Welcome back enon. Btw, while you weren't here, someone stole your identity and added an extra 'e'... Or was that your 'e'vil twin??? Lol

You may be the idiot here, as houses with well-water systems cannot flush toilets without power. Much like my own, which just got power back after a 5 day hiatus. Let's just say, IT SMELLED LIKE SHIT.

Houses with well water can flush as long as there is water in the pressure tank, It is limited on how many flushes though.

Classic gotta love education these days

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I don't think it's the education system (although it does suck). I think it's just common sense.

Actually, depending on you water system, some people can't flush the toilet without power. So I highly doubt it's the education system at fault.

How does education come into this? Do they teach you at your school that when the power is out, you can still flush the toilet??

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Yes, because they teach toilet in school...

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Well since OP said family, I would think the parents are also slightly confused on this. And they were raised at a different time with a different education system.

In a time when brown wasn't allowed in a white toilet.

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Yeah, lane education alright! apparently the didn't teach OP or #2 about wells and pumps. Not everyone has city water.

Demonstrate that the water is still on. Problem solved.

Not in the case of a well.. Then the pump can't pump water, resulting in no running water.

Well considering this is an fml, I'll go out on a limb and say that there is no well involved.

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Our toilet has an electric pump. So that is exactly what happens when the power goes out here. I'm assuming,OP,that if your parents tell you they can't flush the toilet when the power goes out it's not because they haven't been educated on how to properly use one during and outage; it's just that they never informed you of the new type of toilet they bought and the details only were brought up after something like this happened. I don't really think this is either a FYL or YDI moment. You just learned something new.

84,You have it backwards,They can but he op taught them they could.

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My house has a well. No power, no well pump, no water

#69 when were you aware of what kind of plumbing system your parents have? and how many FML users do you think are over that age? For me it was 16 (I didn't care before then.) and judging by the general topics I'm going with there being lots of 13 year olds. (an age at which I thought it was gross that we couldn't shower or flush during power outages... when I got older I understood)

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Our generation has so much potential.

That's probably at least two generations that are thinking the water is off.

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You're even smrtr for spelling 'smart' correctly.

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A day to remember :D But I think it may have been easier to just show them

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So if you live in australlia and the power goes out it flushes clockwise?

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Why is this an FML? Just flush and spray some air freshener. Le shit= le gone. Sound like a risk, I know.

Nope, just one. Op is probably in the wrong. In a lot of places when the electricity goes out you can not flush the toilet.

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I live in a town that is still considered rural America so guess who can't flush there toilet when the power goes out

Just glad my hair is my pet Dino..who ate my mom..that lives on saturn...600 years ago

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depend if your using cuty or well water cause well water uses the electricity of your house for the water when my power goes out you get one flush gotta love well water

Thanks 9 for explaining that... When i read the fml i was thinking umm huh? Bc when the electricity goes off in my house you can't flush the toilet; you get one flush and that's it.... Unless you have water to put in the bowl, there is no more flushing until power is back on

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I'm glad someone said this, and yet well water tastes sooooooo much better than city water

Same here. Thanks for explaining so I didn't have to.

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117...really?....there was no need for this comment. You just proved that you have no life and must make stupid comments...

Thank you everyone above me for thanking 9 so I don't have to. I'm glad someone did so I didn't have to.

Thank you for explaining...I was laughing at all the comments that said they were stupid, bc that's what actually happens to some people. Oh the irony.

I honestly didn't know city water didn't need electricity. I'm just used to well water and never had a power outage since I've moved out yet. Either way it can still technically be flushed multiple times I guess.

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Prove them wrong and maybe they'll think you're a powerful warlock.

The funny thing is, when you're on well water you can't flush the toilet because the pump requires electricity. I know this from personal experience.

My grandparents have one and I've been there during a couple of outages. Definitely annoying. Though each toilet has about one flush in the back compartment usually.