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  OnlySkyrimStays  |  11

In the original story, she did a lot more than just hook up with them. It gets pretty grisly in places. Disney just made their fairytales child friendly.

By  vOIDmASS  |  13

They obviously don't think you have high HOpes for your significant other. But still, It's pretty dopey for your friends to judge you like this, especially if these guys make you happy, and hey, at least you're not bashful about who you date cghjjd...sorry I sneezed while typing - better go see the doc. Chin up OP don't let your friends opinions put you in a grumpy mood. Man look at the time, off to work...and I'm still so sleepy....*cringe

  Tripartita  |  44

The battle is tough, but together, we can FIGHT the scourge that is… having a fairly mundane nickname…

Wait, what is she supposed to be staying strong against?