By crispyjello69 - United States - Central Islip
Today, I was going to take my father to dinner for Father's Day. It all would have gone according to plan, but he saw my Facebook post about a 12-hour stomach virus I had yesterday, so he went out fishing with his friends instead without telling me because he didn't want to catch my "disease." FML
crispyjello69 tells us more :
I put it on Facebook to see if anyone had any recommendations besides just trying to stay hydrated. I didn't list my exact symptoms, because let's just face it that's gross! It would have been nice if my father asked how I was feeling or talked about rescheduling, but neither happened! It will be a conversation for another time!
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By  george_s_4  |  30

Your father is a dick. I realize that we should be nice to fathers because of Father's Day but seriously that's not cool. If he was really concerned about getting sick from you he should have offered to go out after the stomach bug is gone

By  SteveDudleyUK  |  10

Your dad was with his friends and doing something he enjoyed so you should be pleased about that. Why do we do things on Mother's Day or Father's Day?Everybody feels obliged to make an effort. Why not do something in a few weeks time. Dad's saying to their friends that they were taken out by their offspring would mean so much more then than if done on the one obligatory day your supposed to do something.