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Today, I was mistaken for a prostitute after I got into the front seat of an elderly man's car. The man was my grandfather, and he was taking me to a doctor's appointment, since I wasn't going to be allowed to drive home after it. FML
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Hi, OP here, I created an account to better explain what happened. This actually happened a few months ago. I was at the beach with some friends and didn't have the time to change out of my swimsuit when my grandpa showed up. We only took one car and the beach wasn't very far away from my grandparent's house, so my grandpa agreed to pick me up from the beach and take to my eye doctor appointment. I couldn't drive home because I was getting drops in my eyes. Some very loud girls in their late teens/early twenties saw me get in the passenger seat, pointed at me and said "She's a hooker!" loud enough for me to hear. My grandpa's hard of hearing, so he didn't hear it. I was dressed in my swimsuit like pretty much everyone else on the beach. Everything else was in my beach bag.

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Those girls sound like morons mistaking someone in a swimsuit, near a beach, for a prostitute. Nothing to be embarrassed about OP ?

Mistaken by who? A cop? A random bystander?


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Or maybe she was just a much younger woman who was seen getting picked up off the sidewalk.

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So when #5 asks this question they get up voted and when #2 asks it they get down voted...?

chrisbeaudoin 26

So when #5 asks this question they get up voted but when #2 asks it they get down voted...?

*Downvotes your first comment, upvotes your second comment*

I downvoted because you can't have it both ways.... if you ask the question.. then you ARE that person... if you don't then your not that person... call it a quirk but it irritated me

I said not to be that person. But TO BE THAT PERSON. It's an expression common from where I live. Like I'm straight up admitting that I am "that person" because I asked the question.

sorry to hurt your feelings, but it's redundant and unnecessary

Did he give you money for the appointment? If so then I can see the confusion

I've seen enough porns to know where this is going.

In sorry OP. That blows. People are so quick to judge nowadays. Hope it gets better! Good luck at your doctors!

#11, that's only true if the doctor she was seeing was a pulmology specialist.

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I was once mistaken for a hooker while wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. It could have been the time of day/ reputation of that street that caused the mistake.

my mom was kicked out of a strip club wearing blue jeans and a mom revealing shirt because the owner thought she was a hooker there to steal customers lol

Either your grandfather looks like the type of guy who would hire a sex worker or someone thought your clothes looked like sex work clothes. Sex work being illegal is stupid as hell, anyway. Legalise and regulate it if you actually want it controlled.

if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... its a duck lol jk, I'm sure you looked hawt

Mistaken by who? A cop? A random bystander?

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I mean if you had regular clothes on I don't see how that person could have mistaken you for a prostitute