By Anonymous - 27/07/2019 05:00 - United States - Kansas City

Today, I uploaded a video to YouTube. I have around 20k subscribers, so I'm not a huge deal. I used a "fail" sound effect. I just got an email from YouTube saying that I got a copyright strike. They told me that it was the 4-second sound effect​. They copyrighted 4 seconds of my video. FML
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“Epic FAIL!”©️ 2019 RichardPencil All rights reserved.

julfunky 29

“Huge deal” or not, know your copyright laws.


“Epic FAIL!”©️ 2019 RichardPencil All rights reserved.

julfunky 29

“Huge deal” or not, know your copyright laws.

childlessmother 16

I don’t understand. They borrowed it or you stole it?

Nhayaa 21

He used a copyrighted sound so the rightful owner claimed the money. But YouTube is more complicated than this. Technically, you can use any sound, music or anything, but you can't make money from your videos (with ads) if the algorithm says you used someone else's work, or if the owner claims it. And that's part of the "war" between YT creators and the politics these days... Because it's kinda legit, and on the other hand, creators see their videos claimed for sometimes, like in this case, a few seconds of a several minutes long video they put a lot of work into.

Skydome6666 6

YouTube sucks for new users now even for more established channels it can be frustrating navigating the almighty YouTube iron curtain. Good luck in your YouTube endeavors though OP.

Mathalamus 24

That was getting off lightly. I think they could ban you for that.

Then take the clip out. It takes seconds, it’s part of the YouTube creators dashboard.

I've stopped making videos altogether. I used to make them all the time but every one kept getting flagged for copyright shit even though thousands of other videos had the exact same song, sound, etc. I've even been getting messages about videos I uploaded 10 years ago being blocked due to copyright violations... apparently it was okay 10 years ago but not now. I feel your pain. It's absolutely ridiculous. Some people upload full-on pornographic videos but one of my videos gets taken down for "inappropriate content/nudity" despite being flagged as adult only viewers. I'm done with YouTube.

or maybe they just found them now? copy right hasn't changed but technology has.

Well, you’re partially right. Copyright law HAS changed and does frequently. IP is some of the most complex and fluid laws we have in the US. Plus, YouTube is constantly making/changing deals with the different companies they license IP through. That’s why song covers and amateur music videos used to be an automatic removal of your video, but now that they have monetization agreements with different producers, cartels, unions, etc. a song cover/amv might be completely fine, acceptable but demonetized, only allowed in certain countries, completely pulled...etc.

maserle 8

4 secs is all they need. some of my favorite youtubers get copyrighted over 4 seconds.. so im not surprised. just deeply sorry.