By someone - 23/07/2011 08:50 - United States

Today, I'm staying in a hotel where the lights are automatic. They turn on when something moves and turn off when everything is still. I'm a sensitive sleeper and I move in my sleep, so the light wakes me up. It's currently 2 a.m. and all together I've gotten about 20 minutes of sleep. FML
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1215116a 14

What kind of hotel is that?

rosha267 21

My closet does that! Thankfully I don't sleep in my closet


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zacharytk72 5

when will people learn that saying "first" only gives you shit from other people >.>

14. when they hit puberty

hey thank you for the useless, annoying comment 1. what did you think, people would be like "omg dude your soooo cool! first comment?!" thats badass!"

Just say the reality of it: he's first because he wants to feel special. Perhaps his mommy dropped him as a child?

Sunny_Eclipse 6

I love all of your replies...

OP, you should've complained to the front desk.

sorry if I offended you guys that much

Try to take out the light bulb...

iamyour_petrock 8


I'm pretty sure that there are settings that you can change whether the lights turn on automatically or you turn them on manually.

well hatera gunna hate

Looks like you're having sex with the lights on

1215116a 14

What kind of hotel is that?

this is a weird hotel

UN1T3D 6

I say break the lights, then sleep well :D

wikkedphuka 0

clap on clap off! ...... poor lil buttcrack u

wikkedphuka 0

clap on clap off! ...... poor lil buttcrack u

I've heard of those in the bathrooms but not in the main room, how rude! lol

I think the better question here is: Who goes to bed before 2 am?

ur doing it wrong. clearly on the wrong setting. ydi for being stupid

deafeningsilence 8

Yeah, there are usually settings that let you turn the automatic setting off and only turns on if you manually touch it.

people with responsibilities and jobs....

NoobHat 6

It was a Motel 6. They said they'd leave the light on for you.

Unplug/remove battery from the light ??

YwTwss 0

so what if you're having sex...

Strobe light!

Those kind of lights are stupid, this is one of those times where the idea that sounds great, until you try it.

Get some tape on the switch...

there's no battery in a light fixture

lyri10 0

dude, get up and get a new hotel cz that sucks

ImaWiseGuy 5

hmmm idk what to tell you, oh yea cover the fucking censor with something...

Here's an idea.. Unscrew the lightbulb :O

Or just complain to the manager

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Hahaha I wanna hug Gir!

Madiluvsyuh98 2

sorry bout that... lol

carolv22 0

just unscrew the light bulb?

I'm sure if you contacted some sort of management they could disable it.

xk75 4

Srsly just call the front desk and complain! if they can't disable it tell them to just take the bulbs out of the light.

also they should not be so sensitive that when you roll over in bed they turn on.

Or just find the movement captor and put something on it.

we did that in our hockey dressing rooms then when the lights turned off we all started fighting and stuff like that

rosha267 21

My closet does that! Thankfully I don't sleep in my closet

dickydickman 0

you might not, but I do

IAmNotAnAnimal 9

R. Kelly does..

gratz for coming out :)

Dumbass, it was a monster in the closet joke not a homosexual innuendo.

Unless there's a teletubbie in the closet, then it's gay AND a monster.

you will soon >:)

^ Dear God what is that.

Tie yourself to the bed?

Your picture and comment made me laugh.

wouldn't that be awkward when the cleaning people come in, in the morning? lol

charlie2_fml 2

I don't think anyone would be coming in your hotel room while your sleeping!

that sucks, something better would be of you clap your hands to turn the lights on and off

what I say wrong

your comments make no sense...

it's all relative gurpreet, of the 2000 people who voted on this FML so far only a tiny 20 of them either didn't like your idea or were confused because you accidentally put 'of' instead of 'if'.

That sounds very interesting....

LOL Mihalka... it would start off blinking slow and work it's way up to an effin' strobe light.

Then cover the sensor with a towel or a piece of tap and sheet of paper from the front desk. Duh.

ismokeweedalot 0

that doesn't work.... dumbass :P

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Piece of tap... Hahaha, fail.

35 you should probably lay off the weed for a bit

Then cover the sensor with a towel or a piece of tap and sheet of paper from the front desk. Duh.

1215116a 14

What is 18 talking about?

1215116a 14

Sorry, that's fine. :)

im sorry what???