By elphi - 15/12/2012 06:11 - United States - Savanna

Today, I went on a date. He stole my credit card. FML
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elphi_fml tells us more.

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OP here! #35, etc. No second date. And...I can't discuss a ongoing investigation. #2 He tried to feel me up and I walked out.I was so scared I left my purse behind. #14 He's on security camera. #4 My limit's about 700 less than he wanted, and he didn't get any of it. #8 Card was instantly cancelled.He put it back. Haven't seen him since. At least the dinner was good.

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How did he manage that without you noticing?

Airman1988 9

He wanted to show you how much your worth to him, what's your credit limit again?


jgriff79 23

It's heart OP. he stole my heart!

RvidxrKlvn 8

It's like everyone on this site comments with a stick up their ass.

He stole my kidney!

How did he manage that without you noticing?

Inheritance 10

Ninja obviously. He trained with Master Kirigi and Ducan. The League of assassins, he's obviously very skilled.

Like all thieves do.

Inheritance 10

Perhaps he also has his sneak perk to 100.

Probably when she went to the bathroom.

Airman1988 9

He wanted to show you how much your worth to him, what's your credit limit again?

randomthing 22

Report it?

5 - That was exactly what I was thinking. Credit card theft can get messy. However if OP contacts the credit card company in a swift manner, it shouldn't be a big issue.

I don't really want to say YDI, because no one deserves to be robbed, but... how did he take it without you noticing? Because if you just left it lying around while you went to the bathroom or something, sorry... FYL, but it was kind of your fault. If he's just a really good pickpocket, then just FYL in general.

@11, yeah, that's why I feel like there needs to be something between YDI and FYL. XD Like I said, no one deserves to be robbed, but you're still an idiot if you leave your purse on the table on a first date and just walk off (not that that's what happened).

oj101 33

Well, he's a keeper for sure...

Took a whole 7 comments for somebody to comment "he's a keeper." Surprise, surprise.

oj101 33

What can I say? I'm a genius.

Usually people go into big rants when people comment "he's a keeper" or "she's a keeper." And they get an awful lot of thumbs down.

Well maybe he is keeping it safe for your guys next date?

I guess there's no going Dutch on this date.

easyprey 8

He probably wanted to be a gentleman and pay for it all :)

anitadoody 7

So you decided to post an FML instead of going to the police station. Nice move, OP.

Aww that sucks! I'm sorry, you must be so angry about it :( I hope you aren't going on a second date!