Jesus freak

By Max Flynn - 20/05/2011 10:07

Today, while driving, a minivan cut me off. Pissed, I started honking and cursing. I then went ballistic when the driver waved out the window, smiling. It wasn't until I was at a stoplight that I noticed their "Honk if you love Jesus" bumper sticker. FML
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vatechrules1 0

haha at least it wasn't a pedophile with a honk if you're horny

Jellybean2705 0

I really don't think anyone would take the time to look at bumper stickers after being cut off.


Jellybean2705 0

I really don't think anyone would take the time to look at bumper stickers after being cut off.

SMGnow 0

lol the driver did that on purpose

I only have 2 bumper stickers saying: 1: You must be gay cause you're riding by ass. (in smaller font) 2: If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

Ooh sean, you're looking for a fight with that second one.

ReynshineCutting 10

I agree with Sean on the troops one. You don't have to support the war, but you should still support the men and women on the front lines fighting it.

mabusoden 0

REPENT REPENT! THE WORLDS COMING TO AN END. no just kidding it's prom tomorrow :D

vatechrules1 0

haha at least it wasn't a pedophile with a honk if you're horny

the mini van cut him is that being as asshole??

there's absolutely no need to go ballistic like op did. someone cut them off. big deal. ok now get over it.

I imagine the OP going home and crying himself to sleep at night because someone cut him off.

mabusoden 0

your freaking creepy looking :D

iAmScrubs 19

Jump out of your car, tear of the sticker and repeat the process.

fatalkiss 0

I will never understand what it is people try to accomplish by road rage. So someone pissed you off, chances are, it wasn't that bad, you probably won't see them again & your obnoxious way of showing how ma you are is just going to put everyone in danger.

denbeste 3

not a troll and not a fail. she's pragmatic and mature. honking after you've already been cut off serves no purpose except saying, "hey, I'm angry at you", which IS obnoxious!

What the OP meant by "cut me off" was, "used a turn signal, but I was a jerk and sped up and wouldn't let him in, but eventually he found a way in and I was angry that I lost my stupid game". OP was obnoxious, and Ayame, you sound like you've got some rage issues. It's very unbecoming. Pick your battles, sweetheart. You don't have to fight everything.

Road rage never solves anything, it just makes you look impulsive and crazy. Has someone ever tailgated you, until you stopped, and you chewed them out and they apologized profusely... and then never tailgated anyone ever again?. I also have better things to do and think about than worry about some moron that doesn't know how to drive that cut me off four blocks ago. I'm a better driver than he is - go me!

55- you don't just sound angry, you look it. change your picture before you say anything else about not being angry.

SteelCladAngel 0

she looks like someone stole her cupcake

Aya, if you think Tennessee drivers are bad, stay out of New England, for Pete's sake. The problem with road rage is it doesn't affect anyone but yourself. IMO, it's not worth getting pissed over. Well, except for those morons who tailgate when there's no safe place for me to let them pass. Then I might flip a bird or two.

Kn0wledge123 21

No drivers are worse than Florida. Especially south Florida. Left turning signal, right turn.

TheDrifter 23

Haha, yeah, Cali knows that trick too. If you signal right they'll move to block you. So you signal left and move right into the opening. They're so good at it they can change three and four lanes at a time, less than twenty feet from the end of the exit ramp they plan on taking.

You do make a point but cutting people off does no good either

JennaMarie420 2

god works in mysterious ways

denbeste 3

Who? ooh! you mean the most popular fiction guy ever created!

Kn0wledge123 21

No one cares if you think that he's fiction.

JennaMarie420 2

Believe what you want. I believe in God.

LolMoqz 10

Atleast he didn't believe in black magic. You would have been screwed

As they say, fingers speak louder than honking. Should have just flipped him off; it would have gotten the right message across to him and you wouldn't be a nuisance to others with your incessant honking.

at least some good came out of it. This could help you out when you try to get into heaven.