By accountnamevalid - United States
Today, I lost my car keys, so I asked my ex-husband if he still had his spare to my car. He said he'd send it. I got an empty envelope with a troll face on it. There's a reason I left him. FML
accountnamevalid tells us more :
We had a very amicable divorce. I'll admit I laughed a bit, but waiting on that key cost me cab and bus fare, when I could have called the locksmith I'll have to call anyway.
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By  Cazz91  |  21

Send him an envelope back with a hand made receipt of what you spent on that cab and bus fare. The note attached can be whatever you want but you can just say "You now owe me [insert amount here] for costing me time and money with your trolling. I'll be taking my payment from you when you least expect it. Have a great day." - or doing nothing works too if you don't want to "start" something with your ex.

  DerrickJames  |  33

Immature? He has a sense of humor that is not like yours so he is not mature? They're not together anymore so he doesn't owe her anything anymore. He can troll all he wants :D

  suboy  |  10

Is this douche hour on fml. Ive never seen so many people defend someone for being a jackass. I have a feeling they are all ex-husbands as well.

  hemz_fml  |  13

If my wife left me I wouldn't care about her anymore it's not like those romantic movies if the woman leaves me I'll still love her it's more like the woman leaves me and I have no more obligations to her.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

104 - You might not have any obligations to her, but that's no reason to be a dick for the sake of being a dick.

You'd be surprised how far a little courtesy goes.

  Jivesliven  |  24

Most guys I know in the "friend zone" barely try and get angry whenever they get rejected.. every time a girl turns them down she's a friendzoning bitch.. we can't help who we like.. friend zone is just a way of saying you've got no game.

  bamagrl410  |  31

As soon as I saw the "friend zone" get brought up I thought "dammit here we go again". There was an FML about this recently where most of the comments from both guys and girls came to the conclusion that the so-called "nice" guys are usually the ones who do the most whining, putting other people down, and have a bad attitude in general. Just because you didn't get what you wanted is no reason to act like a child and throw a temper tantrum. They act like they're so much better than everyone else and that only they deserve the girl they want. News flash: you probably don't. If girls don't want to date you, maybe you should ask yourself what's wrong with YOU.

Rant over. That subject makes me mad. Anyways, sorry your ex wasn't very kind OP. Looks like he won't be much help for anything else in the future either.


79 - I always assumed the "friend zone" was a term for a situation where feelings are reciprocated but neither person does anything about it ... That being said, saying that someone puts you in there because they simply don't have those feelings is pretty dumb. Every time I was rejected I figured that maybe that specific person isn't for me anyway and that I would rather spend my time with someone that accepted me for me and liked me for me. I wish more people would think in that way after rejection instead of making the situation more complicated by being asses about it.

By  Axel5238  |  29

I feel bad for the OP. Most of the "troll" stuff outside of the internet meme pics isn't funny it's just being a dick. Unfortunately, a lot of people need a warning on those comics not to actually do shit like that. Pranks are supposed to be harmless and fun. Most now are just cruel.

  JACKxRAWR  |  22

Dude, a common Victorian prank was hiding a razor-blade in a bar of soap so whilst people were washing themselves they'd slash themselves open. Don't act like dick-moves are a 21st Centuary phenomenon.