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Today, we had to have our vet put our horse down. Afterwards we were discussing burial options. We then find the cat with a broken neck. Had to have her put down also. Now we have animal services questioning us for animal abuse. FML
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countrysparrow tells us more.

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hey, i'm the one who had to put the animals down. this is very real. the horse was very old and got an infection, and had to be put down. now, you cant just take your horse to the vet, like you can with a dog or cat, you have to have the vet make a house call. so the vet came by prepared to uthanize the horse, Monster. before, going out to the barn, (yes, where we keep our horses, there is a barn, just not on the farm that we live, which is why the horses are not on our property, so no, that is not animal abuse), we went to the deckhouse, to discuss burial options, since it is illegal where we live to bury animals without a permit. we got to the house, to find one of the barn cats with a broken neck. now we have a doggie door in the kitchen for the dogs, but the cats use it to, since they are both indoor/outdoor animals. we are guessing that the cat went out to the barn, like they always do, and got to close behind a cow or horse, and got kicked. you never know, she might even have jumped off a high ledge, cats necks are very fragile. but anyway, the barn had to have the cat put down, along with us having to put Monster down. so the county wanted to temporarily shut down the barn for investigation, but pulled out, because there was nothing wrong with any of the other several animals. and to number 5, shooting animals is considered animal abuse, and even though my family owns guns, most around us do, we would NEVER consider shooting an animal, even if it was to put it out of its misory, unless we absolutely had to. hope that straightens everybody out, and thank you too all that were polite and didnt mock or laugh about our situation, and took it seriously. this is not a laughing matter.

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sorry to hear your animals are dead but what are the odds ? i don't blame the animal service


sorry to hear your animals are dead but what are the odds ? i don't blame the animal service

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thats why you kill it yourself! no harm done!:)

That is really sad I love my pets like they are family and can't even think of how much pain you are experiencing

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I work for a vet... The only time animal services get involved is when you're NOT using a doctor. They wouldn't get involved even if ten of your animals are put down. We can't even call animal services when pets obviously are abused because the fact that theyre in the vets office means "they're getting treatment". So animal services shouldn't be involved.

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I doubt you would be saying that if these were your animals OP so sorry to hear I love horses so much

Are you ******* kidding me????!!!!! I don't see ANYTHING funny about the death of a pet! & if you do, you're seriously ****** in the head!!!!!!

What the **** I wrong with you guys? Animals are amazing a did you couldn't tell already so are we. I honestly have no idea what's funny about this FML.

Rightly so. A cat with a broken neck is pretty serious, it's not something that would happen often.

How can a cat brake her neck and still live? :S

A broken neck can lead to paralysis, not always death.

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y would u not just take a big rock to their heads and kill them instead of paying vet bills??... (im assuming u dont have a gun cuz if u did we both kno u wouldnt have taken it to the vet wink wink) Just thinking now... how does a cat get a broken neck?

the gun idea is actually not that great... After a few painful memories of taking old dogs to the vet over the years, holding them still for expensive injections, and then as they died, my dad suggested we give the old girl a quick, cheap, pain-free bullet to the head -I gave her a delicious pork chop to eat so she`d go out happy... 3 bullets later... turns out head-shots do not always equal immediate, pain-free deaths... We`ll be sticking to vet calls in the future....

You gotta know where to shot, study dog anatomy. But that's illegal in my country.

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how did your cat break it's neck?? that does sound kinda suspicious.

Aww im so sorry about your animals, but how did the cat break it's neck? I wouldn't blame animal services for being suspicious. Cats get injured often, but broken necks aren't that common I think. Especially at the same time your horse has to be put down. Again, sorry. I love animals, too.

ha ha I WOULD SAY THAT TOO BUT........................................ YEAH AND PS MY FML DIDN'T GET POSTED: Today, I woke up and looked at myself in the mirror. My roommate had drawn all over my face in Sharpie. I have an interview in 2 hours. FML.' Your FML wasn't published on the website.

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8- i think ive read that one before...

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Thats kinda strange that animals seem to die around you. Animal abuse is not the move.