By preggo - 04/12/2009 00:02 - United States

Today, I asked my mom if she could include mashed potatoes and gravy with dinner. She then went on to yell at me about my "unhealthy eating habits" and how I've "gained a lot of weight in the past few months". I'm pregnant. FML
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the question is...does she even know you're pregnant? :P

FYL Patatoes are bomb.


FYL Patatoes are bomb.

I need to lose some wait too

how much do you wait?

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Hmm... OP is pregnant, Op's mother don't know that she's pregnant, OP is eating unhealthy food. OP deserves it, BIG TIME.

I wonder what kind of mashed potatoes y'all are eating -_- when my Mom makes mashed potatoes they contain: potatoes, a little bit of milk and a tiny bit of butter. Last time I checked that's way healthier than pretty much most things other people eat on a regular basis...or is eating potatoes considered unhealthy now?!

Yes eating potatoes is unhelthy if you eat too much youll need a 

Om nom nom. I <3 potatoes :D

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does she know that?

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nice 87

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I hate to say it, but mashed potatoes are one of the blandest foods out there. Plus they have almost no nutritional value :(

that's why she asked for them with gravy! :)

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Studies have shown that a diet of potatoes and butter can give you all the nutritional things your body needs.

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Sucks for you.

does she know you're pregnant atleast?

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the question is...does she even know you're pregnant? :P

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Exactly what I was thinking!

Bitch learn to spell!

How does one "bitch learn" something? Learn some grammar.

#39, it's fine with me if you wanna be a Grammar Nazi, I do it a lot on FML, but learn your stuff. He/she was referring to the OP as a bitch and then telling her to learn. Jeez. Oh, and btw, if you were trying to be funny or sarcastic, NO.

Oh, this is too funny. #88 you just said to #39 that he/she should learn to read before being a Grammar Nazi, yet you failed to notice that: 1) the first poster used incorrect grammar to tell someone to learn to spell. In other words, being hypocritical. 2) #39 was trying to guide him to the correct way of writing something. He/she knew how to read it (otherwise, he/she wouldn't know how to correct the first poster), therefore he didn't need your help to read it.

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#88 is stupid. The correct grammar would be "Bitch, learn to spell." Comma? Yeah, learn YOUR stuff.

chill out you guys!!!!

gahhh..... spelling errors :(

how I've "gained alot of wait in the past few months" where's the queue? :o

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If your mum knows you're pregnant, FYL. If she doesn't, YDI.

[email protected] misspelling "weight," OP.

She spelled it right you spelled it he same way

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Epic. Extremely epic. xD

Being pregnant is a long long wait...

LOLOLOL, either a 5 yr old wrote this or OP is jst way off her english.

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I don't think there are strong enough words to describe just how hard I'm laughing at #14.