By Anonymous - Australia
Today, while babysitting, I brought over some colouring-in sheets as an activity. I said that I should bring some Christmas-themed ones for next time. The little girl then turned to me and said "If there is a next time." I've been put on probation by an 8-year-old. FML
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I wish someone I hired to watch my kid told me this as a complaint just so I could make the words come true. If you're this sensitive and self-absorbed, you shouldn't be working with children.

What if OP was just a substitute so to speak? What if the little girl knows her parents don't plan on going out again? What if she knows her grams is moving in to help watch her? And what if OP really was on probation? I would certainly tell my kid to tell me if they dodn't get on with their minder. So many reasons why this was not necessarily disrespectful.

  Sparx1_1  |  16

Exactly! Kids haven't got a clue how to talk in a PC kind of way so they just say things bluntly. 8 year olds don't don't usually know how to make those kind of passive aggressive threats either - there's probably a legitimate reason for her to have said that like maybe the family is travelling over Christmas or they are moving or things like that.

  knoll4007  |  3

Bloody Grammer Nazis...
can you all take it that we all make mistakes sometimes?
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