By transcendingnerd - 13/04/2015 10:46 - Philippines - Makati

Today, I heard my 2-year-old sister crying, so I left my room to comfort her. She looked at me, held my hand, escorted me back to my room and closed the door. FML
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Maybe you were the cause of her distress.

xxlinneamxx 17

Looks like you have quite an independent sister there.


Maybe you were the cause of her distress.

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I don't think she would have reacted that calmly if he were the cause xD I think the crying would get louder

Maybe she wanted attention but not from his brother.

Perhaps she didn't want you to see her cry. Nothing wrong with that OP, don't feel bad!

Exactly, #3. It's most likely that she was embarassed.

normally, 2 year olds dont look that deep into things

Let her calm down, and then go back in to see what was wrong.

xxlinneamxx 17

Looks like you have quite an independent sister there.

What was a two year old child doing unsupervised? Maybe it's just the way the fml was worded, but it sounds like the child was in a room crying by herself.

#58 well, not everybody is keeping their children in a cage under constant supervision. It's not like she was abandoned somewhere. There were other family members nearby - the proof is that her brother immediately went to check on her when he heard something was wrong. So chill.

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58, my two year old loves to be by herself. I give her space because i think that's healthy to be able to spend time alone as well as time with others. She comes to get me when she needs something or wants a playmate.

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Alone time when you're sad is underrated.

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She was just having a private moment and didn't want to be disturbed

I hope you are joking, because two-year-old don't even understand the meaning of "private moment".

A private moment doesn't always entail touching oneself.

That was not at all what I was going for! But kids that age are still so dependent on help or at least a watchful eye that they don't purposely try to spend time alone. They might go to their room because their toys are there, or they might stay there engrossed in play when the adults leave but they will not go away "to be alone". I have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old and they don't go off alone with the sole purpose of being alone.

Just because your kids don't do it, doesn't mean kids in general don't do it. My son doesn't feel the need to be alone, however my 2 year old niece frequently hides in her room when she is upset, she is easily embarrassed and doesn't like anyone to see her cry, no matter why she is crying.

OK, I didn't know there where two-year-olds that do this. I was just referencing my kids because I'm around then a lot, but all our friends, my BIL and some other relatives have kids somewhere from baby to 13-year-olds (all around about 60 kids) and naturally we have discussed behaviour with a lot of them over time and the general tenor was that kids at age two seek their parents for comfort when they are hurt or sad or frustrated. This is the first time I've heard of a kid that age willfully crying alone. I guess you learn something new every day.

Just talk to her about it later insure it wasn't that big of a deal

She's two. Later doesn't really exist in such small kids. They live for the moment.

She's two. Nothing in her life is a big deal. The most she's got to worry about is nap time and maybe someone burning her cookies.