By FattyMcFatterson - 24/06/2009 02:37 - United States

Today, in the shower, a dime fell on my foot. The only place it could have come from? One of my fat rolls. FML
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Like #156 said, it's fake. But if it were true, I wonder how much money she could find? I wonder how many THINGS she could find? Sorry I'm being mean.

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And what does that have to do with #1's comment.

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it doesnt, he just wants people to read his comment

Look on the bright side. With 10 cents, you could get twice the beans in your burrito at Taco Bell. On second thought, don't. It sucks to be genetically fat, but a even a little exercise can stop it from being too unhealthy.

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i dont live in alabama but if you come to arizona i promise with this heat you'll lose weight plus we can run together..i'll just run behind you poking you with a stick to run faster =]

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#257 your stupid ******* asshole who should go **** yourself.. your the disgusting out

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money dosent grow on trees it grows inside her tummy like a baby!

You ******* disrespectful son of a bitch should stop calling a girl you don't even know a *****. See how THAT feels.

Then what could've impregnated her?

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lol your the first person to prove "it pays to be fat" l

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Oooooh........ I thought you were gonna say it fell from your asshole...... Silly me!

You're right.It is sad,but the comic is funny.

And pathetic, what's wrong with these people...

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You realize this is from Alabama, US. That's not happening.

Do you realize how hard it is trying to lose weight? Just cause you're skinny doesn't mean you have the right to insult fat people!

358, just because you're fat doesn't mean you can insult skinny people. it rolls both ways.

here's what I don't understand it's their fault that they are fat right? unless they have a slow metabolism or some kinda of medical thing it would be their fault for not exercising and eating too much skinny people are the same if they don't eat or throe up on propose then I'm not saying it's nice but they brought it onto themselves.

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Your life isn't f*cked, this is just a sign that you should probably join a gym.

if he's this fat then his life is definetly f*cked

No pain no gain... try to exercise? It's not that hard...

Some people are naturally large and that's healthy because that's the way their body works and it's unhealthy to get too small. Don't assume things like they're just lazy

lovely. just lovely. take it as a sign to lose some weight :/

Oh wow you're fat FYL - tons of people are fat, who gives a shit. Go exercise and stop adding sticks of butter on your food.

Lmao xD Guess what else she might have found. Hmm..The lost city of atlantis? Tuapc shakur? My house keys? Looool!!!