By sadCowboysfan - 13/08/2018 10:29 - Canada - Ajax

Today, there was a swim competition at my college. During my race, my speedo started slipping. Not wanting to lose for the team, I kept going even after it came off. After my turn, I had to wait on the deck, totally naked, because coaches can’t help the swimmers. FML
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OP here to answer some questions: yes I am in college and over 18, yes I stood on the deck totally naked (I’m not ashamed if people see my penis), yes there was MAJOR shrinkage and most importantly we won! My school newspaper asked me afterwards if I’d let them use the photos they took on their website (provided they blurred out my junk). It was pretty embarrassing but it wasn’t too bad cause we won

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Were your 6 brothers with bigger penises there to heckle you?


You know it's funny that people need to say things like this on fmls like the OP doesn't already know this.

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But you don’t tie up speedos??

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Maybe you should have sped backwards to get them!

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The camera shutters weren't the only flashing things that night

I see we've yet to ask the most important question of all. Shrinkage, how much was there?

Cold water + hard exercise = shrinkage FYL

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Just think of it as a small rudder to help you steer.

Were your 6 brothers with bigger penises there to heckle you?

dude, they said swimsuit, not birthday suit.