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57-right??! i was just gonna say that! looks like OP HASN'T tried everything.
and OP, how is this an FML? if u have to email someone for business or something, explain in the email y ur typing in all caps. simple, and not FML worthy.

  Evy359  |  0

I doubt this is FML is real. What person knows how to navigate through a website like FML before they understand the concepts of a keyboard and the computer in general.

  hardboard82  |  0

except one thing, and I may be wrong, not sure but when posting fml's, doesn't it automatically start with "Today," which isn't in all caps, so why is this fml in all caps when it says "TODAY," again I may be wrong but it seems a bit fake, just wondering

By  Roxxay  |  6

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  valalvax  |  13

some are, some aren't... is not case sensitive (xcom is awesome, but that was random) is case sensitive because it refers to an exact file (YouTube file links)

  lexiemae97  |  9

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL I'VE BEEN HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM FOR LIKE A MONTH!!! NOTHING WILL FIX IT!!!!! And it is much more difficult to type while holding down the shift key like I am doing now..... SO I JUST END UP TYPING LIKE THIS!!!!! GOOD LUCK OP!!!