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Today, I had two 100's and two singles in my wallet. The two 100's was for my electric bill and the two singles were for the bus. Once I got off the bus and to the electric company, I noticed only my singles were there. Turns out I paid the bus driver $200. FML
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It was basically all the canadians/brits/europeans in general saying we're inferior because they have colored bills and we don't. 

  EffinAhole  |  0

man... have the mods become more strict in the past couple weeks? op- you totally deserve it for not paying better attention when you knew you had hundreds in there.

  elrusso  |  0

Not only are the notes clearly different colours in the UK (green, orange, blue and red - £5 to £50) but their sizes are noticeably different too. it's impossible to confuse them.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

There's no way to open that box until the end of the day're attention next time, darling. It only takes a few seconds to look at the number on the bills.


notes in America are all green... aren't they? Last time I was there they were :// they all look the same! It's obviously not like here in Canada where we have a red 50 a green 20 a purple 10 a blue 5 and then the coins... So I guess they aren't doing a good job of idiot proofing ....

  Zero221  |  0

Wow, yes all the dollar bills in the US are green... i know it's amazing, isn't it?!?! *Sarcasm* But really who cares if it's all one color and not every color on the damn rainbow? There are different designs to every bill on the front and back depending on what type of dollar bill it is. That and there are #'s in the corners that clearly state the amount/worth of that dollar bill. And plus your on the Internet.. look the damn thing up on google or whatever the hell you use.

By  ellice17  |  3

you'd think america of all places would be one of the first to prevent this happening due to the large amount of retards like you living there. I mean seriously who doesn't look at the bills they're handing over when they know full well that there's a risk of giving away a 100


Way to generalize an entire country! Ya we have some idiots in America (our government) but we don't have a large amount! UK has some idiots (government) too you know. Besides you have a funny accent, your opinion is invalid