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Do I hear wedding bells?

ewwwww sick asss bitch....


ewwwww sick asss bitch....

she sounds classy, hah.

lol @ #5 I've heard girls bragging about this in the past too.. kinda weird but human none the less. Everyone farts everyone craps... it's a part of life though I don't understand the rationale behind "bragging" to your friends how large your dump was... I must have missed the boat on that one.

They're really bragging about how big a thing they can fit in their ass. =P

Dude, she is a keeper, a girl like that seldom comes around. Shows she is not shy about anything, anything!!!!! ;)

Damn, just noticed that the OP is a woman, well if your a lesbian go for it lol

Guys do this ALL THE TIME. Why is it so disgusting when a girl does it. We crap too.

You HAD too? FYL for being bound and gagged while being made to hear crap stories. If by some miracle you were not tied down, YDI for not telling her to stfu or walking away.

op. WERE YOU BRAGGIN EARLIER? Maybe she felt compitition between the two of you. I think your not sayin the whole truth. HOW BIG WAS YOURS OP??? 

wow #5 realy not funny

she dropped a predator missile in tha toilet haha

@ 52... first of all , it is gross no matter who is talking about their crap. second, guys don't do it "all the time", or at least none that i know. go take ur feminazi-ism somewhere else kthxbye.

What are you smokin' #1? That shit is hooooot.

52 take your feminazi-ism somewhere else. first of all, it is gross no matter WHO is talking about their crap, and second, guys dont do it "all the time" or at least none that i do. FFS its times like these i wish women had ovaries on the outside so we could kick them in the balls when they r bein cunts.

Girls take dumps??

We must report this discovery to other scientists!

who the fuck r u

52 it's disgusting when guys do it too

bigger the hole the fatter the ho

fake! girls don't poop!

I wonder if she's single? :P

Ben360 is obviously right.. I mean I've never pooped... lol

oh my gah!!! I'm crying here... strandedinalimo FTW

lmai numberr @5, manybe it was a 1 dollar five foot longg :o

it is gross to go to some body and describe your feces to them......

this one made me laugh. I can see someone putting up their hands going "and the crap I took was THIS big" haha ohh that's a funny. :D

8- I laughed at that so hard that I choked on my own spit. Lmfao. thanks for the laugh.

141, I agree. I can see it in my head- "I sat down and then I was like, 'Holy Shizzle Cakes! That is one big shizzle! I can't believe I did that! I think I'll describe it to the first person I see once I leave this bathroom!'" (OP): "Help me, plz?

G... Girls can poop?

threer 30

@96 "Femi-nazi"? Go fuck yourself, bro. Wanting equality is nothing like wanting genocide. She may have been making some inane claims, but do not go fucking with femiNISTS. We didn't say shit to you.

Damn you're annoying... :P That sucks I guess

who cares, it's just shit. Once you get married and have kids, woman's poop won't bother you a second.

And how is your life fucked?

well jeez. Lol at number 5

I would've gagged....

why thank you eddie_paints ahaha

^^^^ super beautiful!!! ^^^^ :)

think you meant " super big boobs"

Do I hear wedding bells?

isn't she precious.

Take it as a blessing. Now you know who not to get involved with.

and if it were me id simply get up n walk away ... smh problem solved NEXT!