By jibjab - 11/01/2009 16:46 - Canada

Today, I have a degree in electrical engineering, my wife was doing a crossword and asked me what are the units of capacitance, I couldn't remember. FML
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Not only is Jules the wrong answer, but it is spellt joules! Correct answer is farads.

haha i just graduated from electrical engineering too. i don remember half the stuff i learned either!


lol, even i could have told u that. im in 10th grade

Hahaha. It happens.

I knew the answer. FML

farads in SI or cm in CGS. good stuff :)

faraday is rolling in his grave!

holy crap your lufe sucks ass

LOL, I thought it was ohms. But then again, I'm not an electrical engineer (or whatever the fuck you said you were) x)

ohms is resistance, farads or coulombs for electrical charge.