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  Shookitup  |  0

honestly, that happened to my friend.
the needle slipped out of the doctors hand, she said it hurt so bad because it was so far in that when it slipped it was hanging in her arm still D:


16 - Oh well then I'm glad my delay in blood results makes you laugh.
I'm also glad I have to take blood thinning pills because of the delay. Does that make you laugh? Knowing that I had blood clots and they were undetected because of a stupid nurses mistake? I'm sure you're cracking up because I could have got hurt and could have had a stroke. So. HILARIOUS.

  Trickyklown  |  0

Meh could have been worse. I would hate for a nurse to eff up and stick the needle in the wrong spot. I laugh when giving blood, I don't think that is normal. >.>

  marinus_fml  |  19

dear #69. it's just that FML gets updated at the most convenient times for me :)

the first update is at 7am when I have just woken up, so I take up the advantage of being one of the first commenters :) then funny enough, the next update occurs at 3pm when I am usually on the bus or train making my way to or back from university (depending on the day) then at 10pm it updates again, by which time I'm usually laying in bed going through facebook and 'funnypics' app.

so I guess it seems like I'm on FML all day, but I'm not really. unless I'm taking a dump like I am now ;)

  melsaraj  |  9

17 your a fucking retard.. I didn't capitalize the L. Big whop so what about spelling mistakes.. Suck my DIKK.. can u fix that spelling for me u cunt.

and 30 I didn't know u had a domino of problems resulting from the nurses mistake.. don't expect me to know everything about u. I don't care about u either so maybe I do find it funny

  watermind  |  0

True, not so funny.

Similar thing happened to me. Nurse inserted the needle nicely, but right before taking it off he pulled my arm by accident and I felt a sharp pain inside. He simple said something like "don't be a pussy", thinking nothing happened. It had caught a nerve. Took over two weeks before I could move my arm properly again.

  FYLDeep  |  25

Yeah, and it's important to make sure you're clear about the blood giving procedures. Otherwise you might end up with a sore neck afterwards. There's some crazy people nowadays.