By gorey - 19/08/2010 01:26 - Canada

Today, I gave blood. He sneezed while he stuck the needle in my arm. FML
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Oh my god! Yeah, that happened to me too when I was 14, except I was just having blood tested. Hurts. A lot.


ohthebloodygore 16

How is this funny? I've had an idiotic nurse do this to me, she missed my vein and shoved the whole needle in. I lost a lot of blood and passed out, oh yes. So funny.

Schizomaniac 24
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honestly, that happened to my friend. the needle slipped out of the doctors hand, she said it hurt so bad because it was so far in that when it slipped it was hanging in her arm still D:

deliciouscake 3

sexy... I mean... Sexy. but really, sexy.

ohthebloodygore 16

8, nope. I got it because like someone else commented before; I ruin my opponent leaving bloody gore everywhere. :P

Schizomaniac 24

#8 Yes, that's how she got her are name.

5 your story is HIlARIOUS hahhahahahahah it's funny in the sense that someone else getting hurt u know

Schizomaniac 24

16, not only did you spell the word wrong, but you capitalized it. Fail.

Schizomaniac 24

18, did you not learn from my reference to your incorrect usage of the word in your first comment?

brunettesara5722 17

It could have been a lot worse! he could have farted at the same time due to the pressure build up! consider yourself lucky!

ohthebloodygore 16

16 - Oh well then I'm glad my delay in blood results makes you laugh. I'm also glad I have to take blood thinning pills because of the delay. Does that make you laugh? Knowing that I had blood clots and they were undetected because of a stupid nurses mistake? I'm sure you're cracking up because I could have got hurt and could have had a stroke. So. HILARIOUS.

Schizomaniac 24

Love, I think you mean HIIARIOUS.

ohthebloodygore 16

Thank you for the correction, Eli.

rawrtastyc 0

Oh that happened to me but with a HPV needle, ugh.

Trupe 3

That nurse sounds like a real PRICK! HAHAHA I MAKE CORNY PUNS

37, Thanks for putting a real picture, and not trolling. 

#36 why must you take out your gore induced anger on an innocent, perhaps ignorant, bystander.

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50, ahuh... and Seduce your welcome.

Schizomaniac 24

48, as it seems as 36 is no longer with us, allow me to address your inquiry: because the SOB laughed at her.

ohthebloodygore 16

48, you might as well ask me why I speak my mind. No, better yet WHY are you speaking your mind and commenting to me?

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Meh could have been worse. I would hate for a nurse to eff up and stick the needle in the wrong spot. I laugh when giving blood, I don't think that is normal. >.>

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63.. i'm scared of you againn..

well ello there again! aww you are still afraid of klownz? D: You shouldn't be afraid if me, I'm sure lots of people laugh when giving blood. e.o

*of I'm starting to hate iPods autocorrect.

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lol are you on FML all day just saying "it could have been worse"?

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at least the nurse never sharted!! xD

Who me? I'm rarely on fml. I just get on when I'm bored or can't sleep.

dear #69. it's just that FML gets updated at the most convenient times for me :) the first update is at 7am when I have just woken up, so I take up the advantage of being one of the first commenters :) then funny enough, the next update occurs at 3pm when I am usually on the bus or train making my way to or back from university (depending on the day) then at 10pm it updates again, by which time I'm usually laying in bed going through facebook and 'funnypics' app. so I guess it seems like I'm on FML all day, but I'm not really. unless I'm taking a dump like I am now ;)

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Gorey is your name, huh? Fail. Anyway, punch him in the face and say you sneezed. He has no proof that you didn't sneeze.

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thanks for the info marinus :) i actually go on fml when i'm in the bathroom too. ftw.

17 your a ******* retard.. I didn't capitalize the L. Big whop so what about spelling mistakes.. Suck my DIKK.. can u fix that spelling for me u ****. and 30 I didn't know u had a domino of problems resulting from the nurses mistake.. don't expect me to know everything about u. I don't care about u either so maybe I do find it funny

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82- What I do find funny is how you try to insult people, yet you have horrid spelling. Tis quite attrocious.

It's not funny! The op was prob laying in the bed, feeling good about giving blood, then BAM! FYL OP!

Haha. I'm guessing that he then he said, "Uh oh." That's one of the things that you never wanna hear come out of a doctor's mouth. ^,^

lol ohthebloodygore you got troll'd. good job taking the internet seriously.

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blood clot won't cause a stroke unless in your heart and isn't diagnosed with blood work. fail.

True, not so funny. Similar thing happened to me. Nurse inserted the needle nicely, but right before taking it off he pulled my arm by accident and I felt a sharp pain inside. He simple said something like "don't be a pussy", thinking nothing happened. It had caught a nerve. Took over two weeks before I could move my arm properly again.

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it's always that nice thing you do that turns bad. sorry!

106- it's funny how the male-nurse (or murse) told you to man-up...oh the irony

I gave blood yesterday :P But that sucks OP, don't let it put you off :)

97: ... Along with, "Well, it isn't lupus." >.<

turtlemansam 6

haha, "Oh, look at that! The needle went right through you arm!"

That is so not funny!!! OMG!!!! You can seriously have major blood loss if that needle slips going in your arm!!!

musiciangirl591 16

when i was in the hospital, they took blood, the nurse missed the vein 4 times before finding it, i was black and blue for two weeks, its not fun

haha that's happened to me before. not pretty.fyl.

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, and it's important to make sure you're clear about the blood giving procedures. Otherwise you might end up with a sore neck afterwards. There's some crazy people nowadays.

MoJoThundRpants 0

you are now gonna die of super AIDS

"are you sure?" "yes we're HIV positive"

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

24. <3 the south park refference that made my night and made this all very hilarious :)

quite_bored 9

Sneezing doesn't always mean sick. Geez, sometimes people can be so ignorant...

ACHOO! oh aww damn I have the flu virus.

YDI for being a pussy. maybe you shouldn't have been so dusty then they wouldnt have had to sneeze germs into your freshly opened wound.

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

some of these comments are freaking me out, never donating blood again. seems like they do better jobs than the people at the doc office though but I've only donated blood once.

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