By Anonymous - 26/10/2009 00:21 - United States

Today, I searched myself on Facebook. I have a fan page made by some girl in Wisconsin. She has pictures of me on it. Can you say stalker? FML
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Let me try. Sttttaallkemgkhgkn. Sorry, I can't say that.

Depends. Do they have subtitles like "He's mine!!!"? If not, go for it!


Depends. Do they have subtitles like "He's mine!!!"? If not, go for it!

That's a great idea actually..

Yes, I can say stalker. "Stalker".

What's wrong with having a stalker? She obviously likes you so no harm done.

Obsessed fan, at worst. There's no stalking happening as far as we're aware.

Wahhhhhh some girl has set up a fan page about me Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my life is so ****** what shall i doooooo *commits suicide*

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it is creep to have a stalker! as long as they don't threaten you i think you are ok...

What I want to know is, how many friends did this "fan page" have? lmao... Another thing, how bored do you have to be to search yourself on facebook? (or "FAILbook" as I call it)

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you can make your own fan page!?!? haha. kidding.

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planbsponserme 2

that's a stupid name to call it.

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you must be the bored in for coming up with substitute banes

some girl in Wisconsin? you're from Wisconsin. it's probably a girl at school

I agree 118. it's prolly fake and fantasizes about havin a stalker.

"...I should be sleeping,'stead of keeping These late hours I've been keeping I've been pacing and retracing Every step of every move An even though I'm feeling so right I'm so happy,still I know I should be sleeping,'stead of dreamin' about you..." Says the creepy stalker

Emerson Drive, good ol' Canadian band, eh?

Who searches for his own name on facebook?

Lots of people I think. It's a bit like searching yourself on google....sometimes one is just curious what he'll find :)

i sometimes do.... lets search again. woo!

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lots of people?...only time ive searched my name on FB was to find my father (we have the same name)googles different if you have a reason. Either way OP thats ****** awesome. Sounds like if you ever needed to get laid just say it out loud... she prolly has your house bugged

Some people may be curious as to how many others share their name. Jeez, it's not a big deal. And yeah, lots of people do it. Also I knew someone who searched themselves on FB to see if others could find them searching their name, since their friend was having trouble finding their profile.

I do! My name is kinda rare, and I was curious to see how many other people on fb had it

it doesn't necessarily mean he looked up his own name, one of OPs friends couldve been like you have a fan page? thn found out like that

you live in the same areas, do you even know her! creepy!

I dunno.. I'd be kinda rapt if it wasn't really creepy

Let me try. Sttttaallkemgkhgkn. Sorry, I can't say that.

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Gah, you beat me to it.

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fucl i was gona say that. i love how half the people on fml have a great sense of humor. btw, reklats. (stalker backwards);)

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Well you could always go for some angry stalker-rage sex?

I have a fanpage, but my friend made it in my honour :P Sorry yours is made by a creep though.

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what r u

I'd be flattered unless it was negative and degrading.