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Today, I was riding in a carpool when we passed a church that has a shady reputation. I said "man, all those people are being brainwashed, it's a cult". The lady sitting in the back seat behind me says "I'm a member of that church". OOPS. Silence. FML
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Religion... It's a concept. It's a way of thinking. So what if it's wrong? No harm done, right? Wrong. Many wars have started through organized religion. Religion, however, isn't necessarily a bad thing. What if people just learned to accept each other's opinions? Perhaps the human race is too stubborn to learn that as a whole. I'm a Christian and I stand by my beliefs. No, I'm not a homophobe. So many Christians are though. But not just Christians are homophobes. Muslims and Jews can be. Buddhists can be. Athiests can be! It doesn't matter what god you believe in, or if you don't even believe in a God. We are all PEOPLE. I'm tired of the homophobic stereotype. I'm tired of the repression of religious or non-religious face day from day. Why argue about it? Why not just respect each other's opinions, put the past behind us, and move on. We are one people, united in many things, from our ability to think, to love, to create, to feel. Why does religion matter? Can you not look at your neighbor and see another human being, whether his religious beliefs are the same as yours or not? I don't care what anyone believes. I know what I do, and that's all that matters. I respect the beliefs of others and will not shove my beliefs down their throats. I believe that is what all of mankind needs to do. This world would be filled with a lot less death that way.

Ask her if she feels the same way.


Ask her if she feels the same way.

Well she never denied it!

why is it a FYL moment? I agree with you.

I was forced to go to CCD even though I totally don't believe in Christianity. We were on the way to a youth retreat in a bus and on the way we passed a Scientologist church. We all started laughing and the teachers didnt know what to do.

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i would have been like..."im sorry, want me to help you escape?" The Mormen churchs by where i live do that. they told my neighbor to teach only parts of the bible and he said no he wanted to teach all of it so they told his wife to divorse him and take everything so she did.

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Yeah, right. I'm actually 'Mormon', and that would never happen. But to the OP: YDI for not thinking of other peoples opinions. You also deserve it for failing to back up your comment.

Mormons are fucked up. Also, every religion is a type of cult. They're all man-made without any substantial evidence for what they teach. Not one of them is perfect and hides so much of their actual history from their followers (look at the friggen Vatican!) Religion screwed the world over. Just saying.

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haha I believe you mean Mormon. but we would rather be called LDS. and that neighbor lied. we don't believe in divorce and would rather have people work it out or not get married in the first place. also saying you are brainwashed into religion is stupid because people are brainwashed out. tell me more about this church since you know it all.

it's basedon total bulldhit, i know that

Good spelling..

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Your right religion is bogus i am christian but not in a religious way. What i mean is just check the video y i hate religion and love jesus

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I'm Mormon and what you where told isn't true. Whenever we study the bible we don't skip over sections of it. And the divorce thing that is also most likely not true. We aren't encouraged to divorce. like someone before me said we prefer to try to work it out but we aren't stopped from divorcing if we can't avoid it.

"People are brainwashed out of religion" that is the dumbest thing I have read all day.

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#7 you obviously don't know a thing about mormons, I'm a Mormon and we aren't a cult, don't skip over parts of the Bible, and don't encourage divorce. If there were really some Mormons that said that said that to that guy then that's just an example of individuals being stupid; don't judge a whole church on that. You should go online or something and look up what we really believe before making uninformed comments like that. who knows, you may like what you find

#16 You are thee most unintelligent person I've ever read a comment from

There's nothing wrong with that. Anyone who attends church has been brainwashed, and is in a cult. You should have tried to save her, just like those religitards always try to do to us. Either that or just mock her and laugh at her until she's forced to quit the carpool.

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She was prolly kidding I mean, that's what I would say if I heard someone baggin' on a church haha

8, that's extremely judgmental. Not everyone who attends church is a "religitard". And anyway, technically, cult refers to a religion that isn't part of an established denomination.

#8 knows what's up. Religitard. Haha that's a good one

she has been brainwashed too D:

Religious cultists. smh