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Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. She said it's a good thing, because it was a "mutual decision", and that while she wouldn't mind staying together, I was the one who wanted to split, and she respected my decision. I wish I had been a part of this delusional conversation. FML
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Hey, I am kind of astounded this made the front page, but I also realized that I wasn't logged in when I created and submitted this. I'm the OP. I should have phrased this better, but I was running out of room to create the FML. The actual story is that she flat-out broke up with me, and then went around and told all my friends, which happen to also be her friends too, that it was a mutual break-up, but it was my decision for the most part that split us apart, which effectively framed me as the "bad-guy". When I confronted her on it, she first denied telling her (our) friends this, then changed her story to "she couldn't think of what to say". All this while her new "boyfriend" (of 1 day) was helping her move out of my apartment. Sorry for the confusion in the phrasing.

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Don't forget to remind her of the $50,000 that she promised to give you at the end of that conversation. If she gets to make shit up, so do you.

Well, I guess at least now you won't have to be part of any more delusional conversations with her...


Well, you could always have started that conversation at that moment...

Bitches be crazy. But seriously, sounds like you're better off without her OP. People who are THAT concerned with reputation annoy the hell out of me.

I don't doubt that OP is better off without her. But if he wanted a real break-up talk where his actual opinion was heard, he could have started that conversation at that moment. I simply hope OP didn't just accept it, walked away and posted about it on FML.

Thats when you say "oh yeah remember right after that conversation when i gave you $50? Yeah i need that back

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Come on - #1 is right. Was OP wearing a ball gag? If he didn't want to break up or wanted an actual dialogue about it why didn't he speak up RIGHT THEN? Sounds like OP left ALL the talking to his GF so why is he surprised that she's having talks with herself?

20- I agree but let's face it, she was walking either way. What's the point of "being heard" if it won't change anything. Tell her to pound sand and move on to the next one.

Well, 60, the FML states that she had said she wouldn't mind staying together, so where did you get "she's walking anyway" from? OP speaking up may have actually saved the relationship

Because kind sir, IMO this was just a cheap way of dumping someone without looking like the bad guy. I guess your right, I am making an assumption here, but really no one dumps themselves.

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Exactly! Sounds like to me she wanted him to stop the break up. Probably it was her way to get him to talk about it because she didn't know his feelings & was frustrated by that.

71- So you are saying she dumped him just so he would stop her from dumping him? Is that rational? And if that's her way of communicating about their issues, OP is far better off with her in the rearview mirror.

Unfortunately, your girlfriend is lying to you. She does in fact know that you did not make this decision, but girls (this is true) will always find a crazier way than the last to make it seem like the break-up is the male's fault.

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72 I'm saying it's NOT atypical and it is understandable - rational? Helpful? No, not so much. But, like many females she was probably giving him that one last chance before breaking it off. If he had the emotional courage to own his feelings & desires she probably would have been satisfied. He sounds very passive-aggressive. That kind of behavior makes people nuts.

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I agree with 72. If OP's (ex) girlfriend is the type to resort to bullshit manipulative games instead of just saying she's unhappy and wants to know how he feels then he should just let her go and find a mature girlfriend, not some game playing child.

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It sounds like she was using reverse psychology lol

Well, I guess at least now you won't have to be part of any more delusional conversations with her...

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That's why I stay single! Ain't love grand!

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^ forever alone taken to an extreme

What is all this forever alone about?

Trust me, you're always better off without psychos

8- made only by her... multiple personalities?

44: OP didn't get a say in what she called a "mutual decision". Therefore it wasn't mutual. Making it a contradiction. I thought it was obvious.

Unfortunately, 46 common sense (also sarcasm and a good sense of humor) is probably one of the least common things among commenters between the age of 13-18 on FML...myself, THE _A_TEEN, (you, of course) and a few other people I can't remember being the exception.

Also modesty is very rare! By the way, referring to yourself as 'myself' is incorrect! I know you think it makes you sound intelligent, and you puff up your chest a little... But it's plain old wrong.

Good riddance! Your not with a crazy. You should go celebrate and have a drink :)

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Or you should've break up with her first

Or YOU "should've" learn better grammar and usage. Read a dictionary instead of posting shitty comments on FML.

Or YOU should have "learned" how to correctly employ English grammar before correcting someone else's. :p

^ That was the point dumbass. Instead of saying 'should learn' I quoted him and said' "should've" learn'. Nice try though.

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We're dealing with past tense here so should've is correct... 10's sentence, even though it doesn't make sense, should have read: Or you should've/ should have broken up with her first.

Sorry to say OP, but she drugged you. That's why you have no memory of this conversation. Bitches be crazy!