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  jdub28  |  0

you can't drown in a non liquid, OP is not only fat but stupid. you almost suffocated kot drowned. and fat content isn't as relative to this, but YDI for covering your mouth and nose in a flabby arm.

  poleez  |  0

My theory is that OP is just using an expression, it's a metaphor, being overwhelmed by arm fat and having a dream so horrendous about his arm fat that he wakes up, heart racing, needing oxygen. A nightmare, but it's so very real.

  yokotaneko  |  0

um, actually jdub, you're quite wrong. It's called dry drowning, and it is very possible. way to make yourself look stupid whilst calling an intelligent person stupid.

  poleez  |  0

34- did u miss the part where i said the drowning was a METAPHOR for being overwhelmed. (like drowning in your sorrows, or drowning yourself with music etc)

  jadedwaitress  |  0

I hit ydi the moment I saw that OP fell asleep in class. Yes, I understand school is not always the most interesting thing, but even on 36 hours without sleep I wouldn't fall asleep in class.

  hales12  |  0

Jessie- I'm not trying to sound bi or lez but you look very nice in your picture. so ignore that person. he needs to lay off. or she. I bet they're jealous that's all. :p

  chemqueen20  |  0

for yoko;

Dry drowning occurs when a person's lungs become unable to extract oxygen from the air, due primarily to:

Muscular paralysis
Puncture wound to the torso (affecting ability of diaphragm to create respiratory movement)
Changes to the oxygen-absorbing tissues
Persistence of laryngospasm when immersed in fluid
Prolonged exposure to any gas that is not inherently toxic, but that displaces oxygen from the lungs. (e.g. methane)
Overdose of free water (solute free) which leads to decreased sodium in the blood hyponatremia which leads to massive swelling in the brain.
The person may effectively drown without any sort of liquid. In cases of dry drowning in which the victim was immersed, very little fluid is aspirated into the lungs. The laryngospasm reflex essentially causes asphyxiation and neurogenic pulmonary edema (œdema).
Dry drowning can occur clinically, or due to illness or accident.

I don't think the OP was dry drowning or it'd be a more serious health problem. it was more like suffocating. sooo, do you're research before you try to make other people feel stupid ;D

  smmrgrl  |  1

umm she doesn't HAVE to be fat.. I mean some girls say ooo i'm so fat and they're actually very very skinny. on top of that I'm really skinny (according to wii fit I'm "underweight" bah all lies xD I'm normall) anyways..and I've drowned or suffocated or w.e you wanna call it in my own fat....