By Dan - 08/10/2009 16:13 - United Kingdom

Today, I had my leaving party after work to celebrate getting a new job. 3 people turned up. I'd invited 35. FML
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dude, all the reasons to get to the new place faster

Sounds like a good time for a new job.

Comments most definitely a...

lovely woman.

who makes great cookies

loves when I.....

tell her to....

suck on my big toe... because it makes me...

jizz in my pants. Then I tell her....

please put your clitoris in my....

after dinner beverage because it was

tainted by the liberal media!!!!! Rawr i am thee Grim reaper

Haha, no I'm not, I'm actually


wow sodahhhr kinda made it hard to continue that nice save nex_luguolo

which is why..

The other 33 are having a "The asshole is gone!" party.

while eating a,

Bet you were a bitch, they were having another party celebrating you leaving

He means the 'real' party is tomorrow, after you're gone.

must not be too loved :)

first? (iPhone) Well at least you know who your true friends are.

dude, all the reasons to get to the new place faster

I feel sympathetic no I don't


YDI for yodeling...

maybe because you called it a "Leaving" party instead of a "Going away" party

Probably not anything malicious. How late were you in planning this party? Did you give them a lot of time or did you just spring it on them? Did you ever consider that people have lives and you were just a co-worker to them? Did 35 people RSVP as they were attending or did you just assume they'd all show? Lots of unanswered questions, but not really a FML in my book. If 35 people said they were definitely going to be there, then yes, I'd say it's a FML. Since it sounds like you invited 35 people, then went ahead and got your hopes up for 35, I'd say it's more of a YDI.