By Uwrongfodat - 09/05/2013 10:11 - United States - Denton

Today, I had my college graduation ceremony. As I was walking across the stage, some asshat, in front of over 55,000 students and staff, brazenly ran across the stage, snatched my diploma up out of the president's hand, and ran off. FML
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I guess that asshat really wanted to graduate. :)


Damian95 16

Ain't nobody got time fo dat. (Refer to ops username)

*facedesk* Most of the FML community can pick up pretty well on jokes and sarcasm. Pointing out that you made a pun ruins it.

whiteboy896 9

puns in general are just bad...

46-I happen to love puns. Thank you very much

I wish he'd tripped and fallen for OP... and missed.

F his life for embarrassing himself like that! Hope you get your diploma back OP

Damian95 16

Actually I can't tell you how many times someone has put on here "He was being sarcastic." Or "it was a joke." Or "he wasn't serious." No, a lot of people on here cannot, in fact, pick up on things.

tjv3 10

Asshat ! Asshat needs to be used more !

I guess that asshat really wanted to graduate. :)

perdix 29

#2, Asshat? Back in my day, we called it a mortarboard. Kids, today!

wlddog 14

"Today we have stumbled across a very large herd of humans. This is one of the largest groups I have ever seen."

31 - I can't even thumb up the comment on my mobile, cuz the comment is so large that it covers more than half of the damn screen!

That's what the comment says. It say asshat lol

perdix 29

Looks like the asshats are out in force today! #31, it's "rite of passage." At least one person read it, right? (Or is that also "rite?" JK, "right" is right.)

I'm not the only one who read 31s essay in David Attenborough's voice am I??!

wlddog 14

LoL,, I am glad you all enjoyed it so much. What can I say, I enjoy writing. Sorry about the rite/right thing. My editor is out on vacation.

Also, 85, it should be mating, not matting. Unless you meant that the process includes people intertwining into a complicated embroidery (which very much sounds like a complex orgy). Now that takes mating to a new level. /Enters sophisticated and intelligent anthropological and filmic argument about the ability of of documentary to successfully capture truth on screen./

wlddog 14

Sorry about that 89. I need you people to edit my books. You are all catching all kinds of stuff. Shoot, I just try to use words to paint a picture.

OP- Better story if the asshat was naked but still, bad luck for you, the audience, and everyone but Mr Asshat, the naked diploma snatcher.... Even worse if all your college efforts go to him!!!

Well you still graduated, now you are at the hard part which is getting a job. So did they just give you a pat on the back when they called your name?

Welp! Back to square one! Welcome back to college freshie :)

scottyspot 11

At least you had a memorable graduation!

aimee0027 17

Congratulations on graduating OP! Don't let that guys ruin your day. You're going to make it far!

I'd imagine very awkward looks. People bewildered, trying to process what the hell just happened, including OP. I know I would be. Also, praying for that guy to trip or step on a lego.

Legos are land mines. I lost three legs one sad day 6 years ago because my friend forgot about the danger.

Mister_Triangle 21

Probably nothing. That diploma was likely a ceremonial fake. The real ones are usually mailed out.