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Today, I had finally summoned the courage to break up with my boyfriend, something I've needed to do for a long time. Right before my speech, he presented me with tickets to my favorite band a month from now. FML
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If you went with him I'm sure you wouldn't have had as much fun as going with any of your friends or alone even

Now, I ain't saying you a gold digger but.....


Decisions decisions. You must follow up OP, we are on the edge of our seats.

Yeah. Please tell me you took the tickets and ran.

That's disgusting. He has feelings too. Just because a relationship doesn't work out doesn't mean the dumper has to be an asshole and the dumpee has to suck it.

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Now, I ain't saying you a gold digger but.....

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She ain't messing with no broke niggas

Haha #20 That song popped in my head as soon as I read the FML! Great minds hey? Lol

you're not a ***** if theres no actual money involved

wow you are extremely shallow. I like getting stuff, lots of people do, but don't screw with people's feeling just to get shit

"Might" sound like a bad thing? It doesn't just "sound" bad...that is bad, superficial & shallow.

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Then be honest with every dude that comes up to you because I'm sure they'd like to know you're a gold-digger in advance.

If the person they are with doesn't mind superficial and shallow there is really no harm done. I imagine people that buy unusually high numbers of gifts or expensive things for a partner all the time knows it's not just their sparkling personality that keeps them in a relationship.

clumsyninja13 21 like my cousin say "I lost my ticket" and just hide it somewhere else like a friends or a in a pillow and then shove that pillow in a pillow case

Wouldn't it be awkward when you are sitting next to each other at the concert?

trade seats with someone who has much worse seats

@10 & 23, I think #4 is saying to accept the tickets, then breakup with the boyfriend at a later date. If he asks for the tickets back, his advice to OP is to say she "lost" them and go to the concert anyway.

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Long term peace of mind vs short pleasure ... BOTH Take the tickets, hide them , then break up a week later. He will call you names ... but yeah.

What the hell? Don't break up with a guy and steal his tickets. It's not like the boyfriend is a scumbag that needs punishment, just let him down easy and say you can't accept his tickets.

She wouldn't be "stealing" his tickets, as he bought them as a gift. You can't place conditions on the use of a gift once you've given it. Sure, refusing the tickets is probably the more noble thing to do, but that's entirely up to OP and her feelings. I also kind of disagree about OP's boyfriend not being some sort of scumbag who deserves punishment. While we don't know for sure, I recognize some of my own ex's desperately manipulative relationship-saving measures in OP's boyfriend, and I know I'd think of the tickets as a small repayment for the misery he'd put me through.

It would be stealing, since you are saying tickets and not ticket, seeing as he bought one for himself.

We don't know that he bought one for himself. He may have intended the tickets, plural, to be a gift, though with the assumption that OP would take him as her date. Of course the only way we'll know for sure is if there's a follow-up.

Maybe the ops bf saw her favourite band coming to town and thought it would be romantic to go together. I've done the same before it's nice to treat your S.O once in a while. It doesn't have to be for something you've done

I just can't help but think that there's no possible way he could be that oblivious to what's going on. Most people who are unhappy in their relationships find some way of letting it show, and if OP has been this unhappy for as long a time as her post indicates, her boyfriend would have to be mind-blowingly stupid not to have noticed. And since he hasn't cared enough about her happiness to cut her loose already, it makes sense that he'd try playing the big, stupid, romantic gesture card as a way to try and win back her love. This reeks of calculation to me.


y'all are seriously stretching some things. if a person you are involved with buys a pair of something like tickets you can safely assume he intended to go. Also buying someone a gift is not manipulative. I buy gifts for my bf all the time. You can put conditions on a gift. Like if I buy tickets and my bf breaks up with me looks like I'm going with someone else. The tickets IMO are not being given to OP but are a SHARED experience. if OP chooses to back out of the relationship then her BF has full rights to go without her and keep the extra ticket. Now if they were a bday present and he said take whoever you want then they would be hers.

Op's boyfriend might be an oblivious person. It's ridiculous to say everyone knows when their SO is unhappy or wanting to break up because it's far from the truth. A LOT of people have no idea. And the fact is he just bought tickets. That's all he did, but you are labeling him like your ex. I'm sorry that happened to you, but, as the person before me said, that's /really/ stretching it.

Don't put yourself through a month of relationship hell just for a concert, OP. There will always be other times, and I'm sure he can find someone else to take.

If you went with him I'm sure you wouldn't have had as much fun as going with any of your friends or alone even

Take the tickets and then break up with him

It's times like these that you show your true qualities dude. You can either act with bravery and integrity or decide to string him along for the sake of going to this concert. If you do the latter you might find it a bit more difficult to call yourself a decent person.

So basically what you're saying is that you're considering to use him for at least another month cause of the tickets to your fav. band? Yea, that sounds right. YDI.

Why assume OP was thinking of using him? The FML here is that she was about to break up with him and he did something nice for her. That makes it a bit harder.

ahhrrggg... whats another month of being ****** by a guy i dont want to be with?? at least he gives me money

Let's be honest, it's not about him doing something nice for her, it's about her getting free tickets to the band, but having to stay in the relationship for a month.. There would be no FML if the tickets for the next day or next week, she would have gone and broken up with him right after.

I get your point, #21. However, personally, I wouldn't consider it an FML, since him buying OP tickets shouldn't really matter if she wants to break up with him. Yes, the band, but OP does imply that she wanted to break up with him long (or not) before, so...