By neveragain89 - 06/01/2012 00:37 - Australia

Today, I had shelves installed using a builder who came highly recommended by my co-worker. Turns out the builder is her friend, who has no actual qualifications or experience as a builder, but 'it's his dream'. I now have a gaping hole in my kitchen where the shelves should be. FML
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Store your goods in said hole. Problem solved.

jerseyboy732 16

Go to his house and let him know it was your dream to be a wrecking ball operator


Store your goods in said hole. Problem solved.

What happens if the hole covered the gates of hell?

A shrieking hell portal would make an interesting conversation piece.

problem solving at its best

The hole stores more then a shelf would.. Can I get his business card? The make a wish foundation would be proud of you

brt3420 13

Op ydi without question. Why would you not review the "company" or at least ask for information about the random guy your having tear a hole in your wall. Your coworkers a prick and so is that so called "contractor" for even pretending like he knows what the **** he's even doing. Ydi get some dry wall and fix your problem yourself or call a real contractor. Problem solved.

GovernorGeneral 8

Just put something infront of it and pretend the hole was never there...

Was I the only one who started singing bob the builder's theme song?

GovernorGeneral 8

Surely bob can fix this hole !

Time to call in Holmes On Holmes! Not only will Mike Holmes fix your kitchen but then he'll fix the horrible bathroom, horrible roofing job, re wire the entire electrical in your house, And give you a hug! ;) I just want that hug don't you!

"Bob the builder... Can he fix it? Bob the builder... Yes he can!"

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It wasn't a prank.

Aww, let me make a hole in your shower wall where everyone from here to every1luvsboners house can see you and then call it a ******* prank. Do you want that?

28 - Yes please.

don't trust people who stand outside of homedepot

kickuwithmyfist 1

Wah waah waaaahhh....

Who let the damn baby on FML?

What a buddy ******.... :/

markrs 0

OP should use this opprotunity to make a Dudette Cave. Awwww yeahhhh!

So you didn't ask to see his contractor's license? YDI.

jerseyboy732 16

Go to his house and let him know it was your dream to be a wrecking ball operator