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Today, I got promoted to a management position. After work, I went for a drink with my co-manager and a few of our colleagues, where they discussed their plans to take Ecstasy before/during our work Christmas party. Wonderful. FML
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It's their life, you're encouraging control freak behavior.
Also as someone pointed out "drugs are bad" is just silly. They all have pros and cons, and while ecstasy probably has more cons than pros, to lump in everything else in the same category isn't exactly rational. Anti-inflammatories do more good than bad, for example.

By  edigniu  |  0

Meh, I wouldn't say that's too bad. read up on how it works and control them. after the party, let them know that this behaviour will not be tolerated in the future.


A chemical testing kit is the only reliable way to know what you're getting into actually. Multiple drugs come in a "crystal" form and literally anything can be put into a press pill.

By  pjsr  |  32

Here's hoping this was a prank to welcome you to management. Either way, you're still better off than if you had to collect a stool specimen in your hand.

By  zezili  |  18

Just let them know you won't be their baby sitter or take any responsibility for them, and let them make asses of themselves. It's annoying but it's best for you to just let them, cause you gotta work with them.

By  Tripartita  |  44

"So what do your Christmas ecstasy plans look like?"

"I plan on taking none."

"And you?"

"None as well."

"Righto, how about you, Mrs. Recent Promotion?"

"Uh, also none…"

"Excellent! It's settled: we'll all take no ecstasy together! I can barely contain my excitement!"