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You may be in the wrong profession.

All part of the business. Just be glad that you're far smarter than he is.


All part of the business. Just be glad that you're far smarter than he is.

OP u work in a hospital what do you expect. Little splinters?

37- I don't think the FML is having to deal with a serious injury, but more how the injury occurred and that they have to waste time helping them.

i resent that! i'm not stupid, i just really needed the money

Atleast you have a job.

OP is a negative nancy. That could be a funny story to laugh about but instead you want to kill yourself. OP you deserve it because one it's your profession and two you choose to look at it this way.

I bet he was

So, did he break the sword?

You may be in the wrong profession.

I agree. If your heart's not in it, get your ass out of it.

He could kill his self with a samurai sword. All his asian patients would think he died honorably.

If you don't want to work there than why do you???? Find another job what patient wants a terrible and sarcastic doctor

I doubt he's a dr. OP doesn't sound that smart. Prob had to clean the bed pan or bring the food tray.

Wait! Docbastard, is this your FML???

62- Exactly what part of the fml made him seem less than intelligent?

Nope, I would never say anything like OP said. Never. Sure, the guy was an idiot. But if something this simple is enough to make you contemplate suicide, you're in the wrong business, friend. Leave it to the rest of us who actually ENJOY caring for idiots who are too stupid to fend for themselves. Believe it or not, I care about EVERY SINGLE PATIENT of mine, no matter how stupid or how they got injured/sick. To do anything less is disingenuous and an insult to the art of medicine.

At 28, what about the doctors from scrubs?

#107 Well said Doc, well said.

This shouldn't even be on FML. If OP is working in a hospital then it should be because they want to help people. Bitching about them online is the wrong thing to do. Get out of your job if you hate it so much.

62- I take great offense to what you said. I'm currently working as an aide at a hospital. It's not glamorous, but that does not mean that I am not intelligent. Little do you know, a majority of us butt wipers are actually attending college to become physician assistants and nurses. I am talked down to by nurses all the time; i guess they don't realize that i have more of a college education than they do. Op does sound like they have a lousy attitude, which at hospitals is not uncommon. Every patient deserves respect and proper care regardless of what landed them in the hospital.

He's obviously being sarcastic about wanting to kill himself.... lighten up 🤦🏽‍♀️

That really sucks but just tell him how much of a fucking idiot he is.

I think OP wants a job even if he doesn't like it

so everyone who has to come to ER needs to suffer cuz some darn idiot wants a job?

41- No, I can tell you when I'm rushed to ER, I want to get in there and get fixed. I don't wanna get held up because the surgeon's too busy fixing up a shithead who stabbed his own dumb ass. People like that should fend for themselves, like smokers and the rest of the idiots that suck up my tax dollars paying for healthcare.

I want your Photo #3

41 he's not just some idiot who wants a job, being a doctor takes a pretty long time to become and not many people would be willing to go through college and university and any further studies needed just so they had a job.

Pikachu, I choose youuu! Hahaha. That's crazy.

46 - so nice of you to decide who should get healthcare and who shouldn't, Hitler. Triage takes care of figuring out the most critical patients.

Well if you attempt it make sure you succeed or else we'll have someone else writing an FML about taking care of some idiot who tried to kill themselves because they didn't feel like doing their job.

Just what I was thinking!

Believe me. It's only the beginning. I wish you good luck dealing with future idiots to come.

One does not simply stop being an idiot

How much of an idiot do you have to be to try and break a very sharp object over your leg??

One that's got negative points in the "smart move" category.

If your already wanting to kill yourself over that then instead of being an employee at a hospital it sounds like you should be a patient at another.

Suck it up you work at a hospital duhh

I think what she says is right, he's chosen to be a doctor by profession and they're not all going to be serious injuries like car crashes and burning houses. he's bound to get loads of silly people in, especially drunken people who have been in a fight or even jumped of a small building pretending to be superman showing off to their mates. I know that this guy is an idiot and it can be frustrating but he has the knowledge to help save people from all sorts!

Yeah, working at a hospital. For people that have medical and physical problems..that dude that did the sword thing needs a Mental hospital.

Shut up u ugly! Don't know what u talking bout

Where in the fml does it say that OP is a doctor? If he was a doctor, he would've made it abundantly clear - trust me, I'm a doctor ;)

Hospital employees probably have the best stories.

I work at a public library and we get some good stories. Like just today a guy got naked and was jumping around in isles. This sort of thing happens surprisingly often.

Ever talk to a homeless guy? That shit cray.

30 - Pwnt by homophones and 77.

Shit, I did. How did I miss that?

My friend worked at a hospital and he's got great stories

Wait 77, DocBastard is a real doctor? The heck?

Yeah, his profile pictures are of his patients. Remember the one with the coke bottle?

stormer461 - Yes I am. Sorry to disappoint you.

No 77, she meant isles. Ever heard of a maritime library? Each small island (isle) is a different genre.

yeah, too bad the hospital employees with a little bit of common sense will remember very common hospital privacy laws about discussing sessions online or in person with anyone but the patients of said sessions/appointments, and hopefully figure out that failing to do so can result in a 500-600$ fine, along with being stripped of their titles and jobs

but how bad ass would it have been if he succeeded

If it was a real samurai sword and not a cheap replica, than he won't be succeeding. And if he miraculously did succeed with a real one, he would of just wasted hundreds of dollars.