By ihatelongflights - 21/08/2009 16:18 - United States

Today, I was on a flight coming back home. On my right was a fat monk who was snoring very loudly, and on my left there were two old women who were talking about their teenage love lives in detail. The flight was 17 hours long. FML
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I feel sorry for you :(. Thats what Ipods are for. FYL.

You should have listened to the older women. You might have learned something.


I feel sorry for you :(. Thats what Ipods are for. FYL.

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Yeah, & Nowadays all cellphones can play music.

where the hell were you going that the flight was 17 hours?

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she was probably going to the other side of the world because my flight from the philippines to the US was 17-19 hours long.

there are lots of flights more than 17 hours smart one

Eek, you didn't have any music or anything? D: Well, at least you'll know to bring along something to listen to next time. FYL.

Ouch, that sucks. An mp3 player is your best friend for those types of flights.

If flights were meant to be fun, there would be drinks, music, and hot young singles aboard. Sorry to hear that, but get used to it if you fly often. At least your kid didn't projectile vomit on you and your laptop.

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Every flight I have been on had music and vodka. I almost never manage to get flights with hot single people though.

I haven't been on one, but a lot of my family has. It sounded awful. No alcohol or decent food. But then, they were shorter than 17 hours, so that may have had something to do with it.

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I went to Spain a few years ago, the flight took about 16-17 hours combined. So I know what the OP went through with flight time. But luckily, I was with friends and sat with them, so there were no annoying people. The whole flight took a total of about a day because of waiting in NY for the next plane.

Haha, no. I'm 17. I haven't been out of "the south", except Florida, which I don't count as "the south" even though it is "southern". I won't be on a plane until I turn 21. They're expensive.

Uhmmmm blame the economy? Planes aren't expensive and if I can afford to go on trips on panera bread salarey as a kid I feel bad for you. Then again I lied with my parents soo.

ahhaha lol u should of listen to ur Ipod or watched t.v lol

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Hahaha at least they were talking about something interesting. BTW if you really couldn't stand it, you should have gotten headphones.

Earplugs. Tiny foam miracles for about $1.

Be grateful and make bad things positive. :) Atleast you had a flight back, there's people who are too poor to afford it.

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so funny. i would have blasted some music! lol..but at least ur flight was interesting lol

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Laptop with at least one extra battery, iPod and another iPod. Then you're set for a 17 hour flight!