By DJ - 07/04/2013 18:52 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I started training for a charity boxing match. When I got home and walked through the door, my dad punched me in the stomach to test my reaction time. As I lay on the floor trying to catch my breath, he said my reaction time was "terrible". FML
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Maybe you should test his reaction time by punching him in the balls.


Maybe you should test his reaction time by punching him in the balls.

"So your genes are the ones that give me the slow reaction time."

let's play ro-sham-bo I'll go first

NO, MISS WJH, DON'T HIT ME! I'M JUST A LITTLE BOY! *cries hysterically*

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42 No, punching your son in the stomach is fresh.

Doesn't he know how Houdini died? That's a stupid thing to do

All I know about Houdini's death was that he faded away like how Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda did.

Do you really think he has to know about Houdini's death in order to realise it's a stupid thing to do?

#46, the point is that Houdini was well trained for such stuff and had even invited a punch -- but the gut puncher hit him without giving him a chance to prepare, and Houdini died from it. Even the most-skilled person can be grievously harmed if caught unawares. So not only was what OP's father did hugely unkind and a stupid idea, it was also pointless as preparation and yes, potentially fatal.

Wow, I never knew that's how he died. You learn something new everyday. And I'm being sincere!

please unlearn what you think he learned...thats not how he died.

#66 try reading a book about it it's amazing the things you can find out with out the electronics

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Watch your back. He might try it again to see if you can improve.

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That's when you return a swift kick to the shin.

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That's like throwing your kid in the pool to teach him how to swim.

Haha!! That's exactly how I learned to swim. It was cruel but it worked!

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For some people it's more like throwing them out am airplane to teach them how to fly.

Are you all offending my father's teaching methods?!

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I feel like that's how most people learned to swim

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I feel like that's not accurate.

Nut check him when he least expects it!

When you got up you should of said "ok, my turn"

And then walked off. Eternal suspense - and an excuse to punch your father when needed.

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Make it into a thing and punch him back in some sensitive areas, always keep your guard up, older people are conniving, evil, little people.