By Anonymous - 29/09/2009 03:00 - United States

Today, I drove my husband's car to the mall because my car was in the shop. The bumper was being repaired because I got rear ended while stopped at a traffic light. While stopped at the same intersection I got rear ended again. FML
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You're probably one of those drivers who brake at the last minute...

I said, what what, in the butt.


Ha ha happens fyl

LOL it has to be something the OP is doing, you don't just get rearended twice in a day.. unless someone is out to get you..

May be the intersection is haunted. May be there is a ghost that the OP once rear-ended on that very intersection and she can not go to the afterlife unless she rear-ends the OP a few times there.

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its cause shes a woman driver

unless it's just a hazardous intersection. OP never said both accidents were on the same day, just that she got hit twice at the same intersection. maybe the light sits just around a corner which makes it hard for people to see or something. though i am reminded of dane cook: "WHY DID YOU STOP AT A LEGAL RED LIGHT, AND LET ME HIT YOU DOING 80?!?!"

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ooooh my god. Thank you #26 for the Dane Cook quote! Thats totally what i thought of! hahaha FYL though that sucks.

I agree with #11. It's like the quote "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Unless it's a freak coincidence (which it just might be), then likely, you're doing something to help facilitate these accidents, such as braking hard, changing speeds constantly, or not using your turn signals to switch lanes. Or maybe just blame the intersection.

OP never said that it was her CAR that got rear-ended ;)

I said, what what, in the butt.

Women drivers... Lol jk. Before I get jumped on, I know that she got rear ended. Prob should take a break from the mall for a while.

Lol. That sucks.

Stop emergency stopping at that intersection..

u sure its not YOUR fault?

Really if your getting rear-ended twice in a pretty short span your probably doing something that's causing this. I'm glad at least someone else realizes this.

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it's the responsibility of the driver behind her to be in control of their vehicle and be aware of the light. even if she stopped fairly short, they should be leaving plenty of space between her car and theirs. she's just unlucky. also, this is more of just a minor inconvenience because the other diver's insurance should pay to have your bumper fixed. so there.

You're probably one of those drivers who brake at the last minute...

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Next time: RUN THE LIGHT! :D :P

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Why did you stop at a red light and let them hit you doing 80!!! YDI

I know right, how dare she stop at a red light? screw the law, red means go! don't ever get your license.

The universe is trying to tell you to find a new route!

The driver behind: " Woo ! let me chase up to see the hot driver." and then BANG "Oops I did it again."