By quietecho95 - 20/03/2015 15:40 - United States - Denver

Today, I got a call from the ICU. Apparently, my boyfriend has been there for 3 days and I'm the only person who didn't know. Even my parents have been to see him. FML
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This is the OP. Actually I had a baby a few months ago with him. We don't live together and it's common for him to disappear for days at a time. He's okay. It was actually a suicide attempt and he's in a clinic now. We were texting but he didn't tell me because he didn't want me to freak out because this makes 6 attempts in a year. My parents didn't tell me because they were leaving town and knew there was no way I could take my infant into ICU.


That sounds awful Hope he's okay though

He probably just didn't want her to freak out or be all over him while he recovered. In three days, he was probably feeling well enough to tell her.

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You didn't wonder where he was for three days OP?

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Youguys are the reason I love this website.

I Can't Understand how you guys make such good puns.

He probably didn't want to freak you out but that is a little odd

She didn't wonder why he didn't contact her for three days?? Now that's odd

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As I said, maybe they liked time away from each other, so no, not odd at all.

If you go to the ER for something and don't want to freak someone out, that's cool, but if you're in the ICU, it's significant enough your significant other needs to know.

Well if he was in the ICU he wouldn't have access to a cell phone

38, actually it is pretty odd. I had an ex who wasn't big on talking on the phone or texting, and there were often times where I'd see him only once a week. Even with all of that, we sent each other "good night, hope you had a good day! I'm here if you need to talk." texts on a daily basis. I've never met a couple who think it's totally normal to have absolutely no contact at all for days in a row if it wasn't previously discussed.

38, it's not just that they haven't seen each other for 3 days, they've had absolutely no contact. No phone calls, no texts good night or "how was your day." Nothing. That is definitely weird in my opinion. I get that you don't have to see each other every day, but you think there would be some sort of communication.

Thats a little bit of a dick move to tell everyone but you.

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Yeah but it's possible that OP is so busy that she wasn't able to be told. You don't keep something that crazy a secret

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unless you yourself are in fact crazy. Considering this is suicide attempt 6 of this year we know it's been a relatively crazy year for these three.

Sorry OP. Maybe everyone assumed you already knew

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#7, that's what i want to know! Also, wouldn't it be strange to not talk to your significant other for three whole days? I'd be concerned at that point!

Maybe the parents thought they knew but didn't want to bring it up, but surely they'd mention them...

This kind of thing seems to happen quite often. I hope you find out why - and certainly hope your boyfriend is okay.

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I don't think you invite your side chicks parents to visit you in the hospital. Then again, I've never had a side chick, so I don't really know the etiquette.

50, who said they were invited? Maybe they just showed up when they heard he was there. I bet that was awkward if she was the side chick. ;)

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