By Camou - 22/08/2013 00:01 - Puebla

Today, because I’m on my period, I asked my boyfriend to turn around so I could change my clothes. He replied, “Oh you know, I’ve seen worse, I’ve been watching Dexter.” FML
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I think pretty graphic is an understatement...

Yeah I think so too. I don't understand how this is an FML. Most guys are grossed out by periods.

"Periods"? Plural?! Well, there's your problem, OP. You gotta pace yourself. Start off with one period and work your way up. Remember, it's not a competition, and as misleading as it may seem, "menstrual cups" aren't actually awards given to those who complete their periods. They're feminine hygiene products.

DeadxManxWalking 27

Dexter is a great show though and it is pretty graphic as one said so.

I think its kind of awesome xD I agree that i'd also prefer he didn't look because periods aren't pretty but its a cute answer.

I don't know, it's nice in a weird way, I guess.

I think that's definitely better than a guy who is easily squicked out by something as simple as a period.