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By  perdix  |  29

This is written so badly.

I'll bet the wife wants to know why her husband's phone has the OP's number on it.

The way it's written suggests that the wife has the OP's phone and discovered her husband's number on it, but how could she call the OP with her own phone and the OP answer the same phone? Quantum mechanics?

Thanks for making Texas schools look good.

  hahaha6  |  0

Well, if the wife looked at the phone and saw that some random woman was calling it, she would wonder why the other woman (the OP) would have her husband's number. Now, would the question, "Why are you calling my husbands phone?" make more sense? Yes, but what the OP wrote is clear to me.

  Puolukka  |  4

Yea...DUH! The OP got called because the wife saw on her husband's phone that the OP's number has been texting or calling's not that difficult to understand -_-