By are you kidding me???? - 20/07/2012 04:58 - United States - Chaplin

Today, my boss fired me for "fooling around" on my phone. I was looking for supplies for a surprise party we are throwing him for his birthday, and I didn't want to do it on my work computer because he has access to our history. Also, this happened during my lunch break. FML
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Talk to HR he can't fire you for making personal calls during your lunch break. FYL OP.

nikkimizu 12

Can he even do that? .__.


Talk to HR he can't fire you for making personal calls during your lunch break. FYL OP.

Well shit. If I were OP I would definitely file a complaint or something.

This guy doesn't deserve a party.

thatKidzmOm 10

At that point, I would have yelled at him about the party, made him feel like a total jackass, and ruined it for him. What a jerk!

Where the hell do you work, auschwitz?! This kind of shit doesn't happen in real life for these reasons. Also, for those who say you can be fired with or w/o any reason isn't entirely true UNLESS it is a matter of downsizing or the position being eliminated. Reason being that a reason must be given to the state when going for unemployment, at which point it would be investigated if your boss told them "was looking on their phone during lunch". Know your rights and get this taken are of, or stop making shit up for Internet sites.

julygirl18 8

Looks like the party canceled due to an asshole boss move.

HelloGuys 4

Take him to court

nikkimizu 12

Can he even do that? .__.

No, no he can't.

Nope... can't fire you for something personal done on lunch break.

DarkDaedalus009 8

That is so stupid

The boss can't fire OP for being on their phone while on lunch break. I think that boss is stupid.

Simple. Tell him the truth. He would have to have a heart of stone to still fire you!

Not to mention it was in your lunch hour... Wait... You sure he wasn't looking for an excuse to fire you?

make him feel bad at the surprise party then

That sucks, op. Maybe you should tell him what you were planning and he'd feel guilty, but don't go back to your job. You dont want an ass like that

#10 Don't know y!!..... But i do totally agree with your point of view lol

In this economy, he might want that job back anyway.

emilydotawesome 1

I feel like it would be totally epic for you to just show up at the surprise party, hand him a printout of your internet history from planning the party, and say, "Happy Birthday, asshole" then dramatically walk out. You probably don't want to work someone like that anyway. Sorry, OP.

vaughant 5

Aww dang that sucks I'm sorry:(

It's Friday all over again!

I think that some just don't understand your reference. I did. I love that movie.(: