By crazyk2468 - 26/04/2012 17:29 - United States - Buena Park

Today, I found the best cure for constipation is having my brother scare the literal shit out of me, in Walmart. FML
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That must of hurt. I'm guessing it would be like a boulder going through a straw.


olpally 32

Only in wal-mart this would happen... Lol, this fml put a smile on my face :)

Sorry that happened to you, but it's Nasty af!

crackz12 10

**** walmart! Im glad you shat on their floor walmart should be executed.

Yeah, I was just going to add that if this had to happen that Wal-Mart was probably the least conspicuous place. Could have been worse OP, you could have been in Target

I hope to see you in the people of walmart

Michael_92 20
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Don't take that crap from him...

Michael_92 20

I always love coming back to old comments and just wondering what made you write such a stupid comment. I can't be the only one.

That must of hurt. I'm guessing it would be like a boulder going through a straw.

How would one report inappropriate profiles pictures on this website? I believe I've just found one^

Ugh! MY EYES!! Please remove this disturbing image off of this website where it can hurt innocent people!

Oh gawd... The mentat image... It hurts so bad!! :'(

Once, someone scared the literal bejesus out of me. I haven't been the same since.

Sarah_moustache 9

At least it finally came out..

MoroseMoose 47

And without taking harsh laxatives! Kind of a win.

OP: Unghhhhh could you unghhh do unghhhh it now unhggggg? Brother: Boo! OP: Thanks. Now let's by a new pair of pants and undies and I'll be good to go.

That's probably not the worst thing WalMart has experienced too lol

That is true. I work at the fitting rooms, and someone decided to take a big smelly dump in one of them.

MrBrightside21 20

Well at least u had a shit , better than pain of shit being stuck .... Or it was worse coz it was HIGHLY EMBARRASSING ... Sorry op hope u feel better :(

Is ur brother happen to be Chuck Norris??

Reading this comment literally hurt me.

Chuck Norris is disappointed at this comment.

KiddNYC1O 20

Shouldn't the comment be exempt of all errors for just having the name Chuck Norris in it?

olpally 32

Chuck norris is going to punch us all in the face after reading this thread *runs away and hides*

It is utterly pointless to hide from Chuck Norris. He always finds you. You can't run, and you can't hide.

Can I get your brother's phone number? I may require his services. It's the sausages and bacon that really ***** me up...

#29 - I'm going to cut your chest open with a blunt butter knife, rip out your small intestines and skip with them :)

I rather shove them feet first through a tree shredder.

B-but, 32, 29 is only a poor little kitty cat. You wouldn't do that to an itty bitty kitty, would you?

66 it looks like an evil cat to me. Lol

It's okay, Wal-Mart is probably used to that.

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Problem solved. You should be thanking him.