By pkz - 31/01/2010 02:11 - France

Today, I found out that my husband of five years was living a double life. He and his mistress have two children together and a third one on the way. He told me the only reason he stayed with me was for my money. I make about 8 dollars an hour and work two jobs to make ends meet. FML
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That' I have no words for this one.

Number one said it best...this one leaves me speechless.


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That' I have no words for this one.

What's worse is that 112 people clicked YDI for this one... ******* trolls.

ive read this before but maybe its a different fml or a repost but w.e it is fyl.

That really does suck, but maybe he was with the other woman when OP was working?

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It def is a fake. I mean right up until the whole $8/hour part it coulda been true but there is no way someone has been married for 5 years and is making what any 16 year old can make off the bat. **Newsflash minimum wage is $8**. So if you're dumb enough to make that little at not one job, but two, I can believe you're dumb enough to not know your husband has been cheating on you. Seriously though, I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and see you as a liar instead of a moron who is unaware that by your age you should be making a lot more than any 16 year old who just gets hired.

I don't know where YOU live, but in all the states around here, minimum wage is either $7.00 or $7.25. Minimum wage is not the same everywhere, so don't assume she's an idiot. I had to work my ass off for 5 years in retail to get my wage to $8.75.

Minimum wage in Florida is $7.25, I'm sure it's not the only state with a minimum under $8.

you guys are putting way too much thought into this... read, enjoy, or have sympathy and move on.

I think it is horrible! Speachless...... As for min wage it's different everywhere you go. it's 7.25 in the states where my ex husband lives and yet it's 9.50 where I live and ours goes up at the end of march to 10.25

There is a valid reason for YDI: I mean, why would a woman go out with a guy who's using HER to support HIM. I know the modern world is changing - but a woman accepting a guy who doesn't even try to help support her financially - REALLY??! If you're working two jobs to make ends meet when you have a husband, alarm bells should start ringing immediately, not after 5 years of marriage.

what state do u live in? in Illinois min wage in July is going up $8.45 or something like that.

Haha r u a man or a really buff woman??

Haha r u a man or a really buff woman??

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she could be on crack and no edgucation it's possible

Retard... She wouldn't have been able afford an iPod...

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shut up crackwhore u cant even spell education

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I'll be shocked if no one ha said this yet but WHATA DICK.

This is fake, minimum wage is over 8 dollars. thumbs me up

I couldn't kick him to the curb fast enough!

I have some words, how does one become a lady gaga hoe? I am very interested!

Number one said it best...this one leaves me speechless.

ugh. People like that make me feel ashamed for being the same species. >.<

Ugh, tell me about it, I'm the same gender as that douche :(

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I can't even say anything sarcastic. that shit sucks

#10... obviously! did you think she would stay with him??