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Today, my father-in-law left my wedding reception because he had to feed the dog. This would have been alright, if he hadn't been absent for nearly two hours. Apparently, just feeding the dog and leaving would have hurt the animal's feelings so he stayed to play with him for a while. FML
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  MandieL  |  27

My dog walked down the isle with my Neice, acting as the ring bearer for my wedding. She was 14 weeks old (the pup) it was cute. A few of our guests brought their dogs too. But we had an outdoor wedding in the mountains, so it was a little easier to have them there.

  Shmatterhorn  |  38

My brother got married a couple of years ago, and they had their dog as part of the ceremony. The dog walked with them to where the preacher was conducting the ceremony, and then I held the dog's leash while the wedding went on. The ceremony was outdoors at a park, and the dog was one of those breeds that is hypo-allergenic.