By Monsieur-Madame - France - Courtisols
Today, I found out that my colleagues had replaced my email auto-responder with a message saying, "I'm away for two weeks in Brazil. Due to the surgery, when I return, please address me by my new name: Crystal." FML
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  tjv3  |  10

This is why we lock our computer while away from our desks lol. Unless you coworkers are the admin then it doesn't matter since us admins can do whatever we want (evil laugh) hahahaha


10- because what op's coworkers did is slightly like what people do on Facebook when you forget to log out. They said that op is a transsexual, which is why when he "returns from brazil," his new name will be crystal.

  muFilter  |  19

Innocent commenter, Guy who randomly insults innocent commenter, and Other guy who randomly makes a fairly awesome comeback on behalf of Innocent commenter.

  LoganBurrito  |  6

Mother of god, I always read your comments in my head with a squeaky voice and it makes me want to saw open my head with a chainsaw and scoop my brains out with a spork.