By Monsieur-Madame - 31/05/2012 20:19 - France - Courtisols

Today, I found out that my colleagues had replaced my email auto-responder with a message saying, "I'm away for two weeks in Brazil. Due to the surgery, when I return, please address me by my new name: Crystal." FML
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At least the people you work with have a sense of humour, even if it is at your expense, Crystal.

_ebbonyy 11

Hahah sorry OP but you've got to admit, it is pretty funny :)


_ebbonyy 11

Hahah sorry OP but you've got to admit, it is pretty funny :)

xoconnie 8

LMAO that's great! you better come up with something to get them back!!!

tjv3 10

This is why we lock our computer while away from our desks lol. Unless you coworkers are the admin then it doesn't matter since us admins can do whatever we want (evil laugh) hahahaha

Crystals a pretty name :) they could have named you something worse OP it's not that bad

It may be pretty but it's a stripper name too. Most people should know it's a joke unless you're the type to randomly get a sex change in Brazil.

But now everybody (that emails her) knows she is Brazil and they could rob her house?

baddawg365 0

I'm guessing before your name was Chris, Christopher, or christian?

At least they didn't also change all of your contacts to Harry Potter characters.

Leadamp 7

61- why are people like you allowed near a computer.

Original poster. Sorry man, but that's pretty pathetic

At least the people you work with have a sense of humour, even if it is at your expense, Crystal.

GVirdi 11

Could of been a boring message so agreed with comment least you have fun work associates

Is anyone else wondering what his actual name is?!

TarieBoo 2

notice op's username monsieur-Madame..... ._. just sayin

beelee1988 13

50- I was going to say the same thing. It kind of makes you think. O.o

If you don't play along for at least a day you are missing an opportunity of a life time.

Like a potential client emailing back about the possibility of a merger.

uhnevermind 24

That's a great prank. Kudos to your friends. XD

Haha... I agree. OP has some hilarious friends.

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boredblonde 17

It's time to plot your revenge, Crystal!

3% of people who come out of the closet on Facebook are actually gay. 97% of the people that come out of the closet on Facebook forgot to log off.

dominic1221 6

How is that plagiarized joke even slightly relevant to the FML??

Er... maybe because OP is a guy and his new name is 'Crystal' yeah... I have no idea.

Theyre referring to the fact that people can hack/access your email or Facebook and make it say ridiculous stuff. Grow a brain.

10- because what op's coworkers did is slightly like what people do on Facebook when you forget to log out. They said that op is a transsexual, which is why when he "returns from brazil," his new name will be crystal.

How does that have anything to do with that comment?

katie345 1

It's grow some penis or balls but whatever:) @ #25

I_Hug_Cats 26

mm.. you're getting revenge, right?

Innocent commenter, Guy who randomly insults innocent commenter, and Other guy who randomly makes a fairly awesome comeback on behalf of Innocent commenter.

I_Hug_Cats 26

So, because of my username I'm automatically a catlady? You shouldn't judge a book by its cover...

I_Hug_Cats 26

and thank you nerobluerose i guess.. (:

I personally think its pretty chill that you're a cat person. So few people are these days.

Shadow_Phantom 26

I just hope nobody actually believes that... FYL.

BandWagonGuy 8

Oh OP is chilled out alright, you just bein' all freaky deaky, squeaky chipmunk.

Alright, the message is Crystal clear

LoganBurrito 6

Mother of god, I always read your comments in my head with a squeaky voice and it makes me want to saw open my head with a chainsaw and scoop my brains out with a spork.

59- you have obeyed my command. You get a cookie.