By Misc248 - 19/10/2009 16:47 - United States

Today, I told my sister that I thought I was pregnant, and that she was the only person I had called. Immediately after I hung up the phone I got a text saying, "OMG my sister thinks she's pregnant!" FML
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Misc248 tells us more.

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We can laugh about it now because it turns out I wasn't pregnant. But now I know I can't trust her with information like that (unfortunately).

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I didn't tell anyone when I thought I was pregnant. It turned out I wasn't pregnant though because I never had sex, I'm a guy, and it turned out I was just fat.

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92- Married and sex all the time.. You can have one or the other.


LOL OWNED! Really, you should know your sister well enough to predict she'll do something like that.

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I thought I did, lol.

that sucks OP my sister would do that to me too so I know what you mean

Holy shit OP replies!!!

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well she sounds pleasant.

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W.O.W. you should really not have told her n probably should of known she would blab like that. FYL n YDI for trusting her w/ that n NOT telling her that you didnt want anyone else to know about it. so 4 u. oh n dont tell ppl till u kno 4 sure!!! 1st sign of idiocy...

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it's not a big deal. she's just excited for you and wanted to tell everyone she knew. you'll laugh about it later

i dont think she was excited, otherwise she would have said 'my sister thinks shes pregnant yey!' or something i dont know, not 'OMG my sister thinks shes pregnant!'

FALCON PUNCH! On another note, what's this FML supposed to be about? The fact that she's pregnant or the fact that her sister felt the need to send a mass text about said pregnancy?

Falcon Punch would of been better suited on the super hammered drunk punch girl fml my friend.

I think it's because she trusted her with something she probably wanted kept secret and her sister told everyone at the first opportunity

I beg to differ #6. And this picture here should explain why

#6, Falcon Punch is for teen pregnancies, dumbass.

no abortion man is for teen pregnancies


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that's not good... maybe it's time to give your sister a nice cup of shut the **** up.

How about a solo re-enactment of 2girls1cup by her sister?

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Why do you assume there's a husband? o.0

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There isn't a husband because, she wouldn't keep it a secret.

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Exactly, it wouldn't be an FML if the OP was of an appropriate age and in a stable situation.

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She might have kept it secret even if she had a husband. Here are a few example situations: 1) Husband doesn't want kids. She's afraid how he'll react, and confides in her sister, maybe looking for advise about telling him. 2) Husband DOES want kids, but she's not 100% sure she's pregnant and doesn't want to get his hopes up. 3) They happened to be talking about babies/pregnancy and so she mentioned it to her sister, but hadn't gotten around to telling her husband yet because she just found out. Sister was asked to keep it secret until after husband found out. 4) There is no husband.

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I don't know what your parents taught you, but I always learned you don't have to be married to have kids. What are you, 10?

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You really suck at trolling, not even amusing. Lame life.

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you don't need a husband to get pregnant, people get pregnant all the time when they aren't married. so don't assume she has one.

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What an interesting life you must have...

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No husband, just boyfriend of 5 years.

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were u pregnant????

I am not married. I have a 5 month old son. By my girlfriend.


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maybe she's just joking? since you told her she was the only one to know, maybe she wanted to send a text message to YOU only to be funny, so that you think she has sent the message to other/all people?

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hahaha. That would make me laugh really hard. Except if OP doesn't have a great sense of humor, or is overly emotional from the pregnancy that might not go over well, and being jailed for murder while pregnant might be a pain.

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